Monday, August 31, 2009

If I could tell you.

Start small
Think possibilities
Reach beyond your known abilities
Invest all you have in your dream
Visualize miracles
Expect to experience success

Night All! xoxo.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

If my heart were a compass, you'd be north. ♥

Here, an update for you Landay.

Firstly, I would like to wish zygote, I mean...Zaidah, HAPPY SWEET 16! I bet you had fun with them all today? I heard Sonia they all planned a suprise party for her and what? Nerd ruined it ah? I don't know, saw some 'statement' from Landy's wall. Hahaha. I thought it was gonna be Emerlay :P

thaaat's her! <3

Oh and Happy Independence Day to all Malaysians! I know no one gives any damn, but since I'm so patriotic, so whatevs. Well, it's freakin' Monday people! Happy back to school? NOT. I wish for another week of holiday! Totally hate the school.

So how did you spent your holiday huh? I myself didn't spent it any better tho. :P Except for we went to school on um Tuesday & Wednesday to paint the banner for bulan kemerdekaan month or something like that. And guess what? I didn't even touch any brush & paint on that 2 days. Hahaha I was enjoying my moment melepak-ing with my babes, fooling around, chit-chatted, took pictures with Amanda's awesome cam, did my essay, pranked call pilak & other people with Landay, Emerlay & Nerd, but not helping them with the banner. Sorry! There were just too many enthusiastic people surrounding the banner and I feel kinda stuffy? :P Well, that's just my stupid excuse. Pictures? I got them.

that's Judy

Nah dating. I couldn't find the picture I cropped. :P


Overall view of the people who came, and what were they doing :P

prove #1 of me being so helpful (first day)

prove #2 (second day) hahahaha.

emoness strike, so LEAVE ME ALONE.

Their final work, good job good job.

On the first day which was on Tuesday, I went to library after that with Jane, Stacey, Aleyh & Lyn. Jane was thinking of going there study, so I tagged along with them. So crowded! Argh hardly can find place to seat. Met some fb friends lol and then I bumped into Syiqin! And in the end, went there online, did a bit of my Sej homies, laugh here and there, chit-chatted again, browsed through bridal magazines, took pictures, and procrastinate some moreee.

I can't really concentrate that time cos it's too freaking COLD.

Harassing Constance studying :x Haha.

Then, on Wednesday spent time with Syiqin in 1B after school. :) Watched Aliens in the Attic. My stomach hurts so much laughing, hilarious. You guys should go watch. :D 5 stars for the movie.

Then walk walk see see, shop a bit in Parkson, bought OREEF tshirt. :) Parkson on sale people! Haha I love Parkson, awesome stuff everywhere! But sadly not in enough money to buy. Bummer. Temptations of food everywhere in 1B! Argh too bad it's fasting month. :( So we went back earlier cos we can't do anything there and plus Syiqin has tuition at night. While waiting for Syiqin's grandpa, we SSed. XD

Both my favorite pics upthere.

My schedule was kinda packed on the weekdays, and I love it. Ngahaha. Then on thursday the next day, went to Damai RAM studio with Jane, Stacey, Nina and Hazel meeting up with Mia to deal & learn with our choir song next year. She's migrating to Aussie on November if i'm not mistaken so she wanted to teach us the voicing so that we can teach the next batch of choir members next year. I had fun, it was great. :D Thanks Mia. Cool studio and I saw Roger Wang finally! :o Woots. Have some pictures in my cam, I couldn't find my cable, so next time then.

On Friday, I was free. Stayed at home onlined the whole day I think. Then on Saturday, met up
with Mia again from 12-3. Join or not join choir? Pffttt. One of the stupid thing bugging me till now. Ah wells.

I think this was on Saturday, I was checking FB notifications as usual. And THESE somehow made my day

FFS rocks my socks. hahahahaha XD

VenetianPrincess & Nigahiga. LOL Poor Nigahiga. XD


Cathy Nguyen! Po-po-po-poker face. Very pretty :)

Party in the USA by Cimorelli sisters, love this.

Thanks for the thought Michael! :)


"the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted"

till then. x

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

I love the way you make me feel; nothing much to say for now.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Take me out from here, argh.

2 posts in a day, it's obvious that I am so friggin' bored. It's been a while since I've done a tag. So I'm gonna begin the tag game now. (:

Can you name 30 people you can think of right off the top of your head? Don't read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 30 people. No cheating!

1. Landay
2. Nerd
3. Emerlay
4. Buttz
5. Konea
6. Jane
7. Ann
8. Syiqin
9. Nana
10. Amelia
11. Seri
12. Azimah
13. Nicole
14. Dayana
15. Aleyh
16. Hazel R
17. Farhana
18. Maine
19. Iva
20. Stacey
21. Suzai
22. Precious
23. Jasmine
24. Adelia
25. Zoro
26. Nina
27. Barbara
28. Donella
29. Megaa
30. Lorna

• How did you meet 10? (Amelia)
My classmate since form 1.

• What would you do if you had never met 6? (Jane)
If I had never met jane? I wouldn't do anything. It's the fate that brought us together <3

• What would you do if 20 and 15 dated? (Stacey & Aleyh)
Hahaha they dated before, seriously.

• If you could marry between 6 and 14 who will it be? (Jane & Dai)
haha, BOTH :P

• Did you ever like 9? (Nana)
Yes, she's my new friend I made this year :)

• Have you ever seen 4 cry? (Buttz)

• Would 4 and 12 make a good couple? (Buttz & Azimah)
Haha, maybe? But nah.

• Would number 1 and 2 make a good couple? (Landay & Nerd)
Pffttt, husband & wifey relationship already, whats more than that hmm?

• Describe 8. (Syiqin)
My bubbly anak XD Love her.

• Do you like 12? (Azimah)
Well, of course. :D My ajiim.

• Tell me something about 17. (Farhana)
Meryl's bestie. (:

• What's 7 's favorite color? (Ann)
BLUE! yes I know bah.

• What would you do if 1 just confessed they liked you? (Landay)
Hahaha no suprise, no suprise XD :P

• When was the last time you talked to number 15? (Aleyh)
Umm last friday~

• How do you think 19 feels about you? (Iva)
Umm, I seriously dono. nget. :)

• What languages does 13 speak? (Nicole)
Malay & English? Umm kadazan maybe haha.

• Who is 2 going out with? (Nerd)
Who else? The husband lah. c:

• What grade is 16 in? (Hazel)
Form 4, gred 16?

• What is 5 's favorite music? (Konea)
Yang angau & jiwang ones, chinese abit, dungdang one abit and etc. :P

• Would you ever date 3? (Emerlay)
Emerlay? no. She's too tall. hahaha.

• Is 1 single? (Landay)
No, she's married to umm idk, terlampau banyak wife[s].

• What is 10's last name? (Amelia)
last name? er Amelia Jane Honorius. issit Honorius? haha whatevs.

• Would you ever want to be in a serious relationship with 7? (Ann)
Hahaha nooo, later jacky marah. Ohoho.

• Where does 18 live? (Maine)
er...sorry idk! :x Where you live ah Maine?

• What do you think about 20? (Stacey)
She's awesome, I love her finger oh, very chubby one. ;)

• What is the best thing about 4? (Buttz)
She's very kawaii, and blur at times, thats the best thing. Haha love ya babe.

• Is 21 hard-working? (Suzai)
er i think so. yeap.

• What would you like to tell 14 right now? (Dai)
"Dai, miss talking with you!" <3

• How did you meet 9? (Nana)
Er, facebook! :p

• What is the best and worst thing about 2? (Nerd)
best thing: She's caring! :D and funny. haha
worst thing: She say I'm a husband stealer, which is a false fact XD

• Are you going to know 3 forever? (Emerlay)
Yes. :)

• How long have you known 26? (Nina)
Since this year, thru choir?

• Who is 24? (Adelia)
My neighbour!(:

• Are you or did you ever date 28? (Donella)
Haha never did lah.

• Do you have a crush on 27? (Barbara)
Baba? haha noo.

• Would you kiss 25? (Zoro)
Haha omg NOO. ;)

• Have you hugged/kissed 22? (Precious)
Hugged her before.

• Is 29 ur bff? (Megaa)

• What do you hate about 23? (Jasmine)
I don't hate anything about her :D My lil' sister.

• What's your relationship with 30? (Lorna)
friends, schoolmate.

• Anything you wanna tell 6? (Jane)
Love ya babe! :D

• What if 11 comes and tell you he loves you? (Seri)
Awwwwhhh. So jarang that she wanna say such thing :P

• If you are stuck in an island with 5, what would you do? (Konea)
Coolness man, we can dung dang sana island XD


Us against the world yaw.

via enzxx

We are each other :D

It's monday, and I'm so bored. Hate it when I have to take those pills.

Totally, yuckie.


happy 150thsery!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

You're in and you're out, there's no middle crowd.

I'm back from check-up.

Everything's fine I assume. No major problem, just have to take more rest and more medicine. -.-

According to the Dr, I'm having this tonsilitis case for the mean time. My tonsil had swollen and yeah that is why I'm having this shitty sore throat. Since my body temp. was 36.5 just now, so he say no need to go for H1N1 screen, just yet. Hah, thank god for that. The doctor was rushing just now, I don't know why and what was he rushing about. :s Whatevs la.

You know there's this faggot keep glaring at me whenever I cough or sneeze. Pffftttt. Stoopid. I mean, I wouldn't be there if I wasn't sick right? So yeah la it's clinic for god sake stop glaring at people like nobody business. Imma poke your eyes. pffft paranoid faggot, HA-HA.

So now I'm okay, special thnks to Nerd & Landay. :D Eh you guys actually made my day. Nerd keep asking me to stop online & go rest. hah, you rock ya' knw? Love love love them <3

Gonna get some rest now, take care of yourself people. xx


If you can't hold on

Having sore throat, flu and slight fever. Fuck.

I think I got all the germs from my sis, since she's the only one having flu and keep coughing 24/7. Damn it.

So it was all started this early morning, where we had to wake up and have our sahur. I could feel my throat was literally heavy than usual, keep coughing and I can't breath well. So, was thinking of skipping fasting today but on second thought, it makes me a loser to skip fasting on the SECOND day. lol.

I think I can bear with all the illness.

But no, I can't get up from bed and what? lost track of time. Mom woke me up around 8am to ask me bout' her phone. Her phone went missing and I'm her victim for her to ask. Well cause I was holding her phone last night, so yeah. Whatevs. Then after that, the second time I woke up it was already 2pm. WTF. Thank god it's holiday, or else..

And now here I am, killing time while waiting for sungkai. Gah. I need h2O so much now! Damn mucus won't stop coming out, shit. Major headache.

Arrrgggghhh. 1++ hours to go.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Baby i could reminisce forever. I got through it once again! :)

Today is the first day of fasting month, goody. Happy Fasting to all Muslims out there! :D

And the best part is, HOLIDAY for us. Till....I'm not sure, you tell me? But we were asked to go school on Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday for the Bulan Kemerdekaan kain rentang thingy. Darn.

Well, test was friggin' ovaaarrrhhh. HAH. Physic was....umm...I manage to get through it peacefully. LOL. First time I can answer Physic, cause I studied? yeah. Not going to faiiiilll, promised Wong. :P *finger crossed*

So what else? Oh oh ever heard of Rin on the Rox on youtube? They totally rocks ya' knw. Go check them out, if you are interested. Love the song Torture (:

I was thinking of what to do this holiday, sigh. It's fasting month and if I happen to go outing with friends, I can't eat. And. That's. Sucks. haha. Gosh I friggin' need a haircut, but when? Aish.

Anyways, just got back from bazaar Ramadan at Indah Permai, and woooh the crowd was freakin' me out. And mom was excessively paranoid. She said some stuff like;
-watch out for the h1n1 germs (smethin laidat)
- uih dangerous la bnyk org ni, cepat sikit jalan!
- jaga2 aahh -.-
& etc i forgot.

bought burger btw, haha. Been craving since morning? Just feel like eating one. So yeah, I got it~ :)

I think that's all for now,

what you gonna have for sungkai later? :P

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Count your blessings white girl

I wanna change blogskiiiinnn!
Haha found one I like, but then no time to deal with the navigation.


Gotta go study first lah, grrr.

“ And after all the noise,
I never heard a last goodbye
it was silent as a butterfly…"


Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm grateful for who I am today

I'm awake, since 1am~ till now which is 3.17am. Texted with agong cause' I was asleep at 11pm so didn't see the messange, sorry! hehe.

So, congratulation to you for your mood change, I guess it's better that way? Yeah I guess.

Anyhow, I have essay to finish and I must must must pass it up on Monday, I don't care already. Been procrastinate since forever and I hate myself for that. And I'm gonna study too? yeah semangat ody this.

Mom forbid me to being so active next year, shit. I know it's SPM year but heck I need to be active somehow cause' well I got some posts in my curriculum clubs and one of them is what? Quite an important one I may say and you ask me to cancel everything? She just DON'T understand. Besides, I need those damn certificates for my application to Universities or collaege or wheresoever and you ask me to not be active? Then whatelse I can do? Be a 24/7 nerd and just STUDY, STUDY, STUDY? Come oonnn. FYI, I enjoy being active. Like this year. Although my studies flunked but hey, I know very well of studies come first, but sorry to say when there's no extra involvement from your curriculum then it makes you nothing. That's my point of view. So shut up.

Dad's leaving to England next year and I can't be active? Great, just great. I never can get any moral support from my parents in anything I do, I wonder why.

Sad life indeed?

Mom I promise you to work extra hard to prove that I can cope with my studies and score my exam well besides being active in other NOT IMPORTANT stuff. I know I can, maybe I can't get straight As like I did for my UPSR & PMR, but you'll see. One day I might just prove something extraordinary for you.

Wait and see.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

It's been so long, that I haven't seen your face.


Oh yeah..Oh yeahhh..Oh yeaaaaahhhh.

Sorry for the highness, am high cause' it's Friday. hehe.


off to my book? Maybe.

And my apologise again, for the short post.



"I think there's something wrong with my eyes because I can't take them off you."

so much for the cheesy lines ey?

well, conclusion of the day, JEALOUSY KILLS. :P

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

25 Things I Hate About Facebook - Julian Smith

Well, guess what? I hate them too! Not completely all those 25 things, but mostly some of them.


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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

another scene for today, frankly said i hate it.

Had the usual assembly, and we were asked to give comments and some feedbacks on Kem Perdana. Most of them I ticked 'memuaskan', but if you give me another option consisting of 'baik'...I probably would only tick that instead of 'memuaskan'. Hah.

Then class as usual? Yeaah. Didn't hand in essay to Teacher Dewi, I think she was too nervous & hence forgot bout' it. Her lecturer came just now, that's why. After I don't know, more class? Yeah till recess.

Recess..recess..uhm nothing special, as usual. Omg why am I even bother to blog? School was just ordinary plain boring today. Ngeeeeh. After BM class, we had our AGM for kokum next year. President for BM society next year will be Andrea and vice is Alyssa if I'm not mistaken. Aaaaaahhhh time flies so fast, few more months it's gonna be 2010, my last year in high school. Crap, I feel so old!:( Not only that, my body size doesn't even match my age, IF you get what I mean. Being petite is not something that I can be proud of, more like making me feels like a weirdo. especially among my friends, crowd and wherever or whatever your brain can come up with. I know I sounded like an ungrateful child, but hey who doesn't complain? Everyone has their own flaws bah.

So test will be on next Wednesday till Friday. Crap, I'm not gonna fail no more. That's my aim for Phy, Bio and Addmaths. :/ Wish me luck? I need it haha.

Okie, homework and chores time!

credits to Queenie~

wanna be on top? XD


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Monday, August 10, 2009

My blog went dissappear?!

Yes Landay, and I don't have any freaking idea why.

I think it was because of the laggingness of the crappy connection just now? eff. My yesterday's post also dissappeared, like what the hell? Shit I'm so NOT gonna blog about it AGAIN.

Screw that.

Well today is my lil' miss annoying sis' birthday. Turning 11 huh? pssh. Hahaha, i hope you get more mature after this. You better be, stop being so irritating. Love you always, xoxo! :)

This song apparently stucked in my head till now, lol. Wonder whyy~ Some of the 'issue' words sound like 'tissue', hahaha don't you think so? ;)

Oh thank you so much for the friendship card landay, love itt loads.
I'll get cargo's name for you hahahaha. :P

"So, it was true huh?"


Friday, August 7, 2009

Once in a lifetime, I shall never forget.

Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Al Masrie

Thank you Nina for the pic. :)

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Love them, really do.


But still, not in the mood to post anything yet.


Stay tuned.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


maybe I need something magnificent.



Sunday, August 2, 2009

What a night.

"When you're lost in the dark
When you're out in the cold
When you're looking for something that resembles your soul
When the wind blows your house of cards
I'll be a home to your homeless heart"

Hey there people! Just got back from camp, it was no better place like hell. pfft. Well gonna blog about it soon.

Landaaayy! i miss you! Get well soon babe <3 We love youuu.

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