Tuesday, August 11, 2009

another scene for today, frankly said i hate it.

Had the usual assembly, and we were asked to give comments and some feedbacks on Kem Perdana. Most of them I ticked 'memuaskan', but if you give me another option consisting of 'baik'...I probably would only tick that instead of 'memuaskan'. Hah.

Then class as usual? Yeaah. Didn't hand in essay to Teacher Dewi, I think she was too nervous & hence forgot bout' it. Her lecturer came just now, that's why. After that...um I don't know, more class? Yeah till recess.

Recess..recess..uhm nothing special, as usual. Omg why am I even bother to blog? School was just ordinary plain boring today. Ngeeeeh. After BM class, we had our AGM for kokum next year. President for BM society next year will be Andrea and vice is Alyssa if I'm not mistaken. Aaaaaahhhh time flies so fast, few more months it's gonna be 2010, my last year in high school. Crap, I feel so old!:( Not only that, my body size doesn't even match my age, IF you get what I mean. Being petite is not something that I can be proud of, more like making me feels like a weirdo. especially among my friends, crowd and wherever or whatever your brain can come up with. I know I sounded like an ungrateful child, but hey who doesn't complain? Everyone has their own flaws bah.

So test will be on next Wednesday till Friday. Crap, I'm not gonna fail no more. That's my aim for Phy, Bio and Addmaths. :/ Wish me luck? I need it haha.

Okie, homework and chores time!

credits to Queenie~

wanna be on top? XD


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