Friday, August 21, 2009

Baby i could reminisce forever. I got through it once again! :)

Today is the first day of fasting month, goody. Happy Fasting to all Muslims out there! :D

And the best part is, HOLIDAY for us. Till....I'm not sure, you tell me? But we were asked to go school on Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday for the Bulan Kemerdekaan kain rentang thingy. Darn.

Well, test was friggin' ovaaarrrhhh. HAH. Physic was....umm...I manage to get through it peacefully. LOL. First time I can answer Physic, cause I studied? yeah. Not going to faiiiilll, promised Wong. :P *finger crossed*

So what else? Oh oh ever heard of Rin on the Rox on youtube? They totally rocks ya' knw. Go check them out, if you are interested. Love the song Torture (:

I was thinking of what to do this holiday, sigh. It's fasting month and if I happen to go outing with friends, I can't eat. And. That's. Sucks. haha. Gosh I friggin' need a haircut, but when? Aish.

Anyways, just got back from bazaar Ramadan at Indah Permai, and woooh the crowd was freakin' me out. And mom was excessively paranoid. She said some stuff like;
-watch out for the h1n1 germs (smethin laidat)
- uih dangerous la bnyk org ni, cepat sikit jalan!
- jaga2 aahh -.-
& etc i forgot.

bought burger btw, haha. Been craving since morning? Just feel like eating one. So yeah, I got it~ :)

I think that's all for now,

what you gonna have for sungkai later? :P

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