Wednesday, December 31, 2008

HAPPY 09! (;

GREETINGS FROM ME! again. Well, i guess this is my last post for the year 2008 eh? yup.

Well, frankly said, I am not ready for next year, which left 2 more hours to it. *sigh* Time flies, yesh, that's the reality. So next year I'll be a freaking 16 years old form 4 girl, teenager preciesely. More stress to comeee and I shall ready to face it. Gah.

Enough said. I just loveeeee this year, yes 2008 is the best year ever for me *for now lah* . I think it is because I got to make new friends, meet new people, experienced new things, my PMR year and so on. Too many to be list out here as I always said.

Here are some events/things or whatever you call it that happened throughout year 2008 :D (yg I remember one.hehe:P)

-My birthday. Didn't get to eat cake. KFC instead. Got some presents from friends (:

-SFC Cross Country. Got a point for Comet. Goooooo Comet! HA-HA.

-SFC Sukan Mini.

-SFC Sukan Tahunan. Champion was Jet if I'm not mistaken. Is it?

-Choir audition. Too afraid and shy to go for it.blegh.

-Choir Competition

-Majlis Anugerah Kecemerlangan (MAK) at Sacred Heart Parish Hall.

-Pantun Competition (-.-'') I suck at pantun. Not gonna join anymore!geez.

-Cikgu Jafri's farewell ceremony.

-Bakat Interact. Awesome team from our school..champion was SFC ;)

-Zida's left home to Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan for her further studies.

-Prefects Selection.

-Quit librarian job.

-Had my momma in SFC Prefectorial Board :p *all were launging in that particular moment T.T*

-Prefects Installation. *sob* I love the lagu lilin somehow.

-Got my first-in-my-lifetime ROSES. teeehee.

-Officially a prefect.

-Had some misunderstood i may say with a friend. bad times. tsk. Hope will get better next year.

-Stressful year /:

*finally back! argggh*

What just happened? Well, no current! yes, no current on the New Year's Eve where everyone was soo freakin' excited to count down & celebrate the coming year. I despise you Sepangar!!! & my post was officially *poof!*, GONE. I celebrated new year in the darkness! Darn it, it's New Year already and I'm going to finish this post no matter what. Back to my list, again :(

-Kerja Kursus.KST, KGT, Kerja Kayu KHB etc etc...loss so much weight after that.gah!

-Loads of PMR/SPM ceramahs/bengkels.

-Stayed back at school for quite lots of times.

-Made friendster and facebook account

-Made a blog.

-Made new friendssss :D

-Had a GREAT time with seniors, besties, juniors. mahal kita :D

-Got a digicam named cammy. -.-'''' Thanks dy.

-Olympic in Beijing, China where everyone went crazy over Michael Phelps. I remember that!hehehe.

-May you RIP Teacher Florenia.

-Hari Raya. Didn't balik kampung this year. Well, I was quite happy for that.

-The big exam. Penilaian Menengah Rendah.

-The Aktiviti Lepas PMR went on; KHB Bengkel Gotong Royong, A trip to KKIA & UMS, Sivic's projects etc etc...

-Too much heartbroken. tsk. I forgived but will NEVER forget.

-Kawad Kaki competition. Champion: Kadet Polis.

-Majlis Akhir Tahun.

-Class Party at Marie's

-Twilight movie! and bought Twilight Saga novels :')

-I turned out to be sooo emotional this year..

-Gained more confidence. woooh.

-Became more friendly :DD

-Officially a camwhore, so weird but i'm proud of it! thank you thank you.

-Addicted to shopping.

-Daddy went to Korea and bought Hanbuk. I was like wtf.

-Vacation 2008 in Penang, KL & Langkawi.

-Met my lovey-dovey family in Penang.

-Outing with the other 4 :D

-PMR result. The feeling was superb! :)

-Christmas Parttay at Sonia's.

That's all I can remember for now :D
p/s: The lists are not in order with their date or whatsoever obviously.

Some snaps of year 2008:






All in all, 2008 had it's ups and downs..Nevertheless, it's an unforgettable and memorable year for me:DDD


Christmas Party At Sonia's.

30.12.2008 (Eve of New Year's Eve)

candid :p

jane, sam

CUTE kaaan? i forgot his name, sorry. fyi, he has the 'click' with jane :)
jane skinny with esther doll

andrea & sam hate the cam

her sickness was contagious. but i still heart ya.haha :D


Everyone was so funny yesterday night. Chat, eat, laugh, prank stories, pmr, twilight, celeb gossip etc etc...(: Sonia & Sam's dad were the funniest :DDD


BOO! ;p

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Best Achievement EVER.

It would be so depressing
IF i don't blog THIS out (: mweheheh.

my 8 snowman-like As :DDDDD





okay, i can't believe i can get A for agama to be frank. Believe it or not, I NEVER get an freaking 'A' throughout all the examination this year. Don't believe? ask Ustazah (: So yeah, the moment I got my result *and Teacher Munis tried to suspend me before that, ugh* tears of JOY rolled down from my eyes. omgawd, even my science got A. MWAHAHAHA. So hard to believe! The reason is, I DIDN'T finished up the paper 2. So, thank god for that! Alhamdullilah.

I never did stop smiling until NOW! even though I was and still *koff koff* and sneaze *ACHOO! scuse me:P* From school to McDonald *the cashier & one guy thought that I WAS CRAZY* & from McDonald until i reached my house.hahhahhahahahaha:) I FEEL SO VERY THE GREAT! not being vain here. hehhe. All the anxiety, worried-ness, scaryness, heartbeat dupdapdupdap-ness were ALL GONE OFFICIALY! now left are happiness, blissfulness, awesomeness, and many positive-ness! HAHAHA i'm crayzeh untill i feel like wanna eat the result paper! hahaha wtf i want to do that anyway? *dance around and scream out loud*


-GOD, Allah maha besar. Ku beryukur atas pemberian & keberkatanmu. Syukur alhamdulillah once again.

-My parents for the kata-kata semangat and all, tooo MUCH to be listed here. Thanks for believe in me <3

-My dearest sistahs, Azidah & Nurul Atiqah Piakong, thanks for the teases. HAHA.

-ALL MY FRIENDS who willing to have an AWESOME last minute-study with me *mwahaha* & always there with me when I need ya'll. MAHAL KITA!

-All my teachers especially teacher Munis for all the help, Ustazah Norassikin cute, teacher Felicity *yes teacher, THE tears of joy (:*, teacher Madzlan *thanks for the hint before pmr, and our last-minute p&p*, teacher Wilfred! who called my name Suliana =.= hahha, Sister Carmen for being so friendly and thoughtful, Cikgu Rosmah *congrats with the newly baby boy*, Cikgu Wee who being so strictly towards our kerja kursus, Cikgu Yap Fui Yin, Puan Teh, Cikgu Naimah, and of course all the teacher in school who always care bout our studies. Not to forget, Puan Pang as well :)

-My dearest seniors! namely Ann, Becky, Venda, & Dayana. YOU ALL ARE THE BEST. And all the seniors who wished & comforted me with all those good luck, all the best, and so on, you get it.

-The texts/messages/phonecalls from my seniors, friends, old friends, neighbour -Adelia Adnan.


With lots of love, Sulina Moolina Doolina (:

it's just like a dream..

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The pain is coming back, again.

Remember i mentioned it before in facebook? if anyone of you noticed.
yes, my backache.
it was back when i was cleaning my chamber just now.
oh shucks.
the third time already, i never had been like this before, 'ya know?
& seriously it's painful.
complained it to my momma, and she said that i sat in front of the laptop for too long time.
well, that's the truth actually.
will go for x-ray, i think?
i don't know.
one thing am clear about is
anyone experienced this kind of pain before?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Reminiscing the past.

Look what my dad found! 'THE PAST' (:
No blabbing for the meantime, only pictures. As the phrase goes ''a picture worth a thousand words'' right? nyehehehhe.

cukur jambul time.

Imam Azidah? lol. Don't kill me after this *puppy dog eyes*

Chinese + Bajau =.=

cutee, no?

zida giving her kisses away. mmwwah!

I was born to this freakin' earth! yay (:

one moment ago, i noticed the someone-is-taking-pic shadow ;)

my i-donnoTH birthday

hush lil' baby don't you cry everything's gonna be alright

mom - zid - stranger

mom + dad = zid :P


hahaha dah, you know you love me.

sadap! but i drink milk no more now :( so that's why imma shorty.

oh yeah..imma once a rock star!

can't believe i'm gonna turn 16 soon. sigh.

weee!.. i love my cheek. mwahaha.


p/s: 2008 I forbid you to end.