Monday, August 30, 2010

we're venus and mars, we're different stars.

 <3 The only place where I've been longing to go to.

Or at least, keep it private to self; not for public viewing. 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

'cause when that happens, something inside me shuts off.


i'm here, just to fill up the abandoned space. 


i got nothing to say actually, wtf? this is dope.

excel is in 2 more days. SPM is in 104 days. 

k i have something already, i guess? so here goes

I hate how unmotivated I am now
I hate goodbyes
I wish I could turn back time
I feel dumb and stupid all the time
I love my phone now, thanks mom. for giving me the chance to get rid of minimo. My life is so much better without it
I hate myself for pretending too much
When i say i'm not, then i'm not. please acting like you know everything
It's nice having blogger cos I don't think i'll be posting something like this in tumblr
Please ask me what I wanna do or be after spm, NOT expecting and ordering me to do what you guys want me to do. - Medic? you got to be kiddin' me i don't think i'm smart enough for that. At least just ask?
Gonna start fasting tmr
Oh. Riko Suenaga - pleasure to meet you today :) emeh i want pictures
this is not an excuse, but i got no place to study properly. sorry, but i can't wait for you to leave my house. stop acting like my family owe you puhlease. TTM betul kamu ni kan. fuck
i should stop wasting time now, k bye

will i ever be enough?