Sunday, August 30, 2009

If my heart were a compass, you'd be north. ♥

Here, an update for you Landay.

Firstly, I would like to wish zygote, I mean...Zaidah, HAPPY SWEET 16! I bet you had fun with them all today? I heard Sonia they all planned a suprise party for her and what? Nerd ruined it ah? I don't know, saw some 'statement' from Landy's wall. Hahaha. I thought it was gonna be Emerlay :P

thaaat's her! <3

Oh and Happy Independence Day to all Malaysians! I know no one gives any damn, but since I'm so patriotic, so whatevs. Well, it's freakin' Monday people! Happy back to school? NOT. I wish for another week of holiday! Totally hate the school.

So how did you spent your holiday huh? I myself didn't spent it any better tho. :P Except for we went to school on um Tuesday & Wednesday to paint the banner for bulan kemerdekaan month or something like that. And guess what? I didn't even touch any brush & paint on that 2 days. Hahaha I was enjoying my moment melepak-ing with my babes, fooling around, chit-chatted, took pictures with Amanda's awesome cam, did my essay, pranked call pilak & other people with Landay, Emerlay & Nerd, but not helping them with the banner. Sorry! There were just too many enthusiastic people surrounding the banner and I feel kinda stuffy? :P Well, that's just my stupid excuse. Pictures? I got them.

that's Judy

Nah dating. I couldn't find the picture I cropped. :P


Overall view of the people who came, and what were they doing :P

prove #1 of me being so helpful (first day)

prove #2 (second day) hahahaha.

emoness strike, so LEAVE ME ALONE.

Their final work, good job good job.

On the first day which was on Tuesday, I went to library after that with Jane, Stacey, Aleyh & Lyn. Jane was thinking of going there study, so I tagged along with them. So crowded! Argh hardly can find place to seat. Met some fb friends lol and then I bumped into Syiqin! And in the end, went there online, did a bit of my Sej homies, laugh here and there, chit-chatted again, browsed through bridal magazines, took pictures, and procrastinate some moreee.

I can't really concentrate that time cos it's too freaking COLD.

Harassing Constance studying :x Haha.

Then, on Wednesday spent time with Syiqin in 1B after school. :) Watched Aliens in the Attic. My stomach hurts so much laughing, hilarious. You guys should go watch. :D 5 stars for the movie.

Then walk walk see see, shop a bit in Parkson, bought OREEF tshirt. :) Parkson on sale people! Haha I love Parkson, awesome stuff everywhere! But sadly not in enough money to buy. Bummer. Temptations of food everywhere in 1B! Argh too bad it's fasting month. :( So we went back earlier cos we can't do anything there and plus Syiqin has tuition at night. While waiting for Syiqin's grandpa, we SSed. XD

Both my favorite pics upthere.

My schedule was kinda packed on the weekdays, and I love it. Ngahaha. Then on thursday the next day, went to Damai RAM studio with Jane, Stacey, Nina and Hazel meeting up with Mia to deal & learn with our choir song next year. She's migrating to Aussie on November if i'm not mistaken so she wanted to teach us the voicing so that we can teach the next batch of choir members next year. I had fun, it was great. :D Thanks Mia. Cool studio and I saw Roger Wang finally! :o Woots. Have some pictures in my cam, I couldn't find my cable, so next time then.

On Friday, I was free. Stayed at home onlined the whole day I think. Then on Saturday, met up
with Mia again from 12-3. Join or not join choir? Pffttt. One of the stupid thing bugging me till now. Ah wells.

I think this was on Saturday, I was checking FB notifications as usual. And THESE somehow made my day

FFS rocks my socks. hahahahaha XD

VenetianPrincess & Nigahiga. LOL Poor Nigahiga. XD


Cathy Nguyen! Po-po-po-poker face. Very pretty :)

Party in the USA by Cimorelli sisters, love this.

Thanks for the thought Michael! :)


"the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted"

till then. x

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