Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cranky Holiday

Where the hell is everybody?? Hello? okay, nevermind. Maybe it's just me.*sigh* I'm lost. Things will change after this isn't it? Well, I don't want any changes okay. well, some sort of things. Someone just told me and said that nothing will change, but it's just seems to be. Damn, I don't know what I just typed. no, seriously. I've been so emotional lately. & I've NO IDEA why. Keeping too much to myself? I hate this holiday, officially. I'm blank bout' almost everything and I dislike aka hate it okay! sheessh. Just ignore me, I'm just. trying to express something out but I just couldn't.why? I'm blank. again. HA-HA.

Oh. Well, here are SOME teenny tiny things that I clear about. Mom got her free air ticket and we will be going for a holiday trip to Penang, Pulau Langkawi & KL. Yea, great. Suprisingly, i'm not exited about it. but not AT ALL lah. Just, this time things are little bit different since my sis & dad can't join us. Sis will be stuck at her KML (Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan) and dad have to go Keningau for his outstation, after his Korea trip. *hope daddy will bring back cammy safely from there* :O Just me, nurul & mom? oh-em-gee. dats BORING. Oh well, what to do ey? hmm. But, I kinda felt happy for my mom since it's been aaagges she never had the chance to visit her family there in Penang. Till now, she wiling to spend some time to go for a vacation to meet them. Can't wait to meet my aunts, uncles & cousins there. Yea right, as if they still remember me huh? I mean, those cousins. Hmm..I really don't know, we'll see bout' that. So, will be leaving KK on the 14th December and will be back here on the 24th. Wow, it's Christmas Eve:) then 3 days after that it's PMR results out day. Wish me luck for that!

'You don't need to know everything in life,
just the things you need to be happy"

Got that from Ann's page.
It's so true ya know, totally agreed with em'.


Friday, November 28, 2008

adrenaline rush of having vampire romance?

oh wells, that's just a random title for the post:)

twilight, new moon, eclipse, breaking dawn :]

I wanna read them! Yes i know, as i say in the previous post I'll just watch the movie instead of reading the books right? I was attracted by the books' cover right after Sam took them out from her bedroom. Sam makes me wanna read them even more after a brief of story yesterday bout what happen blah blah blah in the book. Plus, i watched the movie already so i was thinking it will be more interesting to read the books :) haha. sudden changed of mind. Sam owned 4 of the books and finished reading them already. That's fast! O.O i'll try to hunt for them this weekend. Wishie me luck cos there'll ain't gonna be much left I think. hmm, we'll see bout that.

note to Samantha Jerome Michael: Sharing is caring yo.

Anyway, yesterday was hectic & funny i may say. Sam & I reached cp at 12:45 pm & went straight to Eaton just to kill the time since it was still early. Wanted to buy 09 planner but naeh, it's too early for it don't chu think so? So we then off to Palmsquare & waited for others. After waiting for 20 mins? *i dont remember*, Andrea came together with Berb, Leona & Sharren. Jane came after that. Got our tickets and we seperated into two groups. HA-HA. idk why but it's just happened. okay, Jane was hungry so we decided to go McD. So here's the climax of the day. ngaha. ya kah? oh well who cares. As we were eating & chatting, we saw this stupid skinny small mouse not far from our sit. Damn, we were like ''eww..'', ''dia pi sini kah tu?'', ''eee, why suddenly got tikus this..'' etc etc etc...& all the people around there were like looking and focusing at the mouse just in case the mouse get near them. haha.. so we didn't bother much bout it and started doing our thing as usual. Soon after that, i was looking around and guess what!? the mouse went passed our table! i was like " what the f!?tikuuuussssss!!!!'' then all of us were screaming out loud like nobody's business especially jane & I. well, jane was the loudest and i was busy doing my cursing at that time. haha. CURSE U MOUSY! :P Some kind of mouse attacked huh? All the people there was looking at us, and duh. it was embarassing lah! lol.

Then everything back to normal again & went to meet with others at 2pm. Bought our snacks & the popcorn there sucks i tell u. I prefer Cathay's. okay, enough with that and Jane was craving for her jagung. haha so jane & i walked around palmsquare to find a jagung stall but yeah, iso. Before that, saw Amelia & her sis. oh! and Arrianne, their primary school classmate:) okay then, we rushed to ground floor to buy our jagungs. Twilight starts at 2.30pm & still have 10 minutes for us to buy the sweet corns & ran back to cinema. Like amazing race oh. Phew! it was tiring and we were sweating like pig. & yea, were kinda late for it when the movie started already when we reached there. Gosh. Somethin happen for awhile when we reached there and heck, everybody was pissed at that guy and just wanna kick his ass off. He was the one who made us late for Twilight. !@#$%^&*()! Overall, Twilight was awesome and yea, Edward aka Robert Pattinson is hot. His vampire siblings rocks! & James the jerk kinda hot too! haha. Go watch people! Can't wait for new moon! here's the premiere pic for new moon that i googled last night:)

in the theaters christmas 2009!? =.=

Okay enough with that. Ann tagged me! XD! This is my first tag just so you know & thanks Ann! :) At least I've something to do since my blog is oh-so-plain :P

1. Do you think you're hot? Haha. NO. well, at times :)

2. Upload a favourite picture of yourself

3. Do you like the picture? haha yea, cos i look...happy? :P

4. When was the last time u ate pizza? Last month? I forgot. My bad.

5. What was the last song u listened to? Just dance, gonna be ok,daa-doo-doo-doo...Just Dance by Lady Gaga. i'm lovin' it:)

6. What are you doing right now besides this? Facebook-ing.

7. What name do you prefer besides your name? Seraphine/Ava/Balqis/Nurul Huda/Luqyana

8. 5 people I tagged: Jane, Konea, Nina, Stephenerd, Azu

9. Who is number 1? My babe. One LOUD girl out there *proud to be one* & never get fat walaupun makan banyak:) *envious* but ily no matter what.hehe.

10. Who is number 3 having a relationship with?? Idk, got ka nina?

11. Say something about number 5. My senior who finish her SPM only on the 4th Dec. Pity pity. haha good luck!

12. How about number 4? Haha she assumed herself as a nerd. hmm, but doesn't look like!

13. Who is buddy number 2? Konny! A sexy, sporty, purrddeeyy mocha chikka:) A creative blogger too.

p/s:Daddy leaving for Korea tomorrow.Bon Voyage!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bird in the cage is finally out!


Will be going out with friends for it tomorrow. Phew! F-I-N-A-L-L-Y.
& thanks sam and andrea for asking me to join you guys! xoxo ;)

p/s: jane, can't wait to see you babe!
see ya in the next post.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

From Boredom To Random

Mommy went outstation for 2 days and I'll be on duty for all the house chores. Yay for me! :D

In the mean time, everyone seems so exited about Twilight nowadays...hmm..but apparently i'm not. haha. Maybe i'll catch up the movie in the cinema instead of reading the books. lazy me? yeahh~

Anyway, here are some random pics of the lovely sky that i took recently *in a bored mood*.....

I love the sky. It's lovely. Such a wonderful creation by God :)

Quote of the day:

''To most people, the sky is the limit.

To those who love aviation, the sky is home.''

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Uno Freako?

By right, for some reason i wanna make this blog as a private one. But then, for after million thoughts, i've decided to make it.......PUBLIC! :) Promised myself & some of my friends to make this after PMR…so yea…after customize it*it’s ain't easy ya know?*, LET ME PRESENT MY VERY OWN BLOG TO YOU PEOPLE! :) wheeeee~ :D
Just a little excited, no biggy actually and I shall link you people okie?

This oh-so-boring-and-i'm-doing-nothing holiday has make me gone crazeh and now i've turned into an UNO freak! :) pretty good huh? NOT! ohgod. I've been playing uno with my lil retarded sis since...errrr....since this hols started. & yup! My lil sis is officially my partner in playing uno now. teehee:P

It's OUR game :P

noooo peeking! :')

happy belated halloween! LOL :D

haha. she doesn't know i took this.shhhh:P

still love her eventhough she's kinda retarded +.+''

let's switch tiara! :)

& now i'm the UNO princess? haha.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Missing everyone here.

hey, just got back from 1 Borneo :)

Went to Chinatown and bought sandals. Had lunch at Penang Village. Man, that place is superdupa dark oh. O.o
then walked around jalan-jalan cuci mata & bought 2 pair of round earrings :) After awhile, off to starbucks yo. haha and now here i am, blogging about some oh-so-boring post.

CAUTION: please DON'T read this cos it might be a very boring post to you okay?

Sigh. There are A LOT of things in my mind that i wanna blog about. But then my mind just refuse to do so. Siiiiiiigggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh, really need to let it out now. I've been thinking a lot nowadays. Think about what? thinkin bout my PMR, thinkin bout xxxxx, thinkin bout my future, thinkin bout the days after SPM blah blah... So i'm thinkin bout what will happen if i join the choir team next year, thinkin bout when will i gonna start studying for my form 4, thinkin bout my hair*tsk, my hair is on the list baybeh*, thinkin bout my ambition *current status: ambitionless!*, thinkin bout my friends *i miss them:(*, wondering bout why other ppl can go for vacay while i just can't, thinkin bout will seri move to all saints next year?, thinkin bout when will i get to meet my beloved friends, thinkin bout this blog whether i should make it public or not and etc etc etc etc. You name them.

How I wish I'm at the beach now...ugh~ Cos i'd like to shout-out-loud my dear. sheessshhhh. i'm stressing now.

Grrrr.I'm missing everyone alreadyyyy:(
-Janeh (babe, come back fast!imy)
-Lyn (Happy schweet fifteen!)
-Ann the boss :P
-My momma becky (few more days to goooo)
-Konnyyy the sexxayy
-Syiqinerd (just get over with him, allthebessttt)

guess nobody will read this. Nevermind, at least i expressed it out lil bit already :)
I NEED CBOX. Someone help me with it. & no doubt that i'm dumb.
off for shower, chiaow~ oh before that,


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh yea baby, imma so OVER IT.

current feelings/mood.

i’m over your lies,
and i'm over your games,

i’m over you asking me when you know i'm not ok.
you call me at night,
and i pick up the phone,
and though you’ve been telling me, i know you’re not alone.

oh, and that’s why your eyes,
i’m over it.
your smile,
i’m over it.
i’m over it, i’m over it, i’m over.

wanting you to be wanting me,
no, that ain’t no way to be.
how i feel, read my lips,
because i’m so over, i’m so over
i'm so…

moving on, and it’s my time;
you never were a friend of mine,
hurt at first, a little bit; thousand times actually
and now i’m so over,
so over it.
i'm over your hands,
and I’m over your mouth.
trying to drag me down and fill me with self doubt.

oh and that’s why your world,
i'm over it.
so sure,
i'm over it.
i’m not your girl,
i’m over it, i’m over it, i’m over.

wanting you to be wanting me,
no, that ain’t no way to be.

how i feel, read my lips,
because i'm so over, i'm so over
i'm so…

moving on, and it’s my time,
you never were a friend of mine,
hurt at first, a little bit; more than that
but now i’m so over,
so over it,
i'm so over it...

don’t call,
don’t come by.

ain’t no use,
don’t ask me why.
you never change,
there'll be no more cryin' in the rain...

wanting you to be wanting me,
no, that ain’t no way to be.
how i feel, read my lips;
because i’m so over, i’m so over it...

moving on, and it’s my time,
you never were a friend of mine.
hurt at first, a little bit;
and now I’m so over,
so over it.
i’m so over it.....

wanting you to be wanting me,
no, that ain’t no way to be.

how i feel, read my lips;
because i’m so over, i’m so over it....

moving on, and it’s my time,
you never were a friend of mine
hurt at first, a little bit; ain't forget bout' it
and now i’m so over,

p/s: kindly ignore this post please and thank you.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I tagged moiself! :P

Why am i doing this huh? Cos imma awesomely bored. i mean REALLY bored. I'm dying soon. Bang! :)
Ok, so here this taggy-tag-tag gooo..

5 things in my bag ;
*chinese novel
*camera! this is so a must:P
*tissue+sanitary pad. what?one set mah! haha.

5things in my wallet/purse ;
*identity card
*pengawas percubaan tag. sobs, i misses the old times already:(
*sfc student card
*$$$$ of course.

5 of my favourite things in my room ;
*de' radio
*my diary
*my accessories
*my blankie

5 things that i want to do ;
*customize this complicated blog
*chat/sms with *:/
*i wanna go out! beach, shopping, cinema, hang out with friends &etc would be nice:) damn, imma rotting here.
*sing out loud:O
*blog about i-know-what where i kept in my heart all this while. it's time to express baybeh!

5 things that i'm doing ;
*doing this taggy obviously
*checking hp
*reading some blogs out there
*thinking should i join the school choir next year?

5 person i want to tag ;
*imma not tagging anyone although i wanted to cos no one knows my existence, kay?

p/s: i love georgia:)