Sunday, August 23, 2009

You're in and you're out, there's no middle crowd.

I'm back from check-up.

Everything's fine I assume. No major problem, just have to take more rest and more medicine. -.-

According to the Dr, I'm having this tonsilitis case for the mean time. My tonsil had swollen and yeah that is why I'm having this shitty sore throat. Since my body temp. was 36.5 just now, so he say no need to go for H1N1 screen, just yet. Hah, thank god for that. The doctor was rushing just now, I don't know why and what was he rushing about. :s Whatevs la.

You know there's this faggot keep glaring at me whenever I cough or sneeze. Pffftttt. Stoopid. I mean, I wouldn't be there if I wasn't sick right? So yeah la it's clinic for god sake stop glaring at people like nobody business. Imma poke your eyes. pffft paranoid faggot, HA-HA.

So now I'm okay, special thnks to Nerd & Landay. :D Eh you guys actually made my day. Nerd keep asking me to stop online & go rest. hah, you rock ya' knw? Love love love them <3

Gonna get some rest now, take care of yourself people. xx



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