Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm grateful for who I am today

I'm awake, since 1am~ till now which is 3.17am. Texted with agong cause' I was asleep at 11pm so didn't see the messange, sorry! hehe.

So, congratulation to you for your mood change, I guess it's better that way? Yeah I guess.

Anyhow, I have essay to finish and I must must must pass it up on Monday, I don't care already. Been procrastinate since forever and I hate myself for that. And I'm gonna study too? yeah semangat ody this.

Mom forbid me to being so active next year, shit. I know it's SPM year but heck I need to be active somehow cause' well I got some posts in my curriculum clubs and one of them is what? Quite an important one I may say and you ask me to cancel everything? She just DON'T understand. Besides, I need those damn certificates for my application to Universities or collaege or wheresoever and you ask me to not be active? Then whatelse I can do? Be a 24/7 nerd and just STUDY, STUDY, STUDY? Come oonnn. FYI, I enjoy being active. Like this year. Although my studies flunked but hey, I know very well of studies come first, but sorry to say when there's no extra involvement from your curriculum then it makes you nothing. That's my point of view. So shut up.

Dad's leaving to England next year and I can't be active? Great, just great. I never can get any moral support from my parents in anything I do, I wonder why.

Sad life indeed?

Mom I promise you to work extra hard to prove that I can cope with my studies and score my exam well besides being active in other NOT IMPORTANT stuff. I know I can, maybe I can't get straight As like I did for my UPSR & PMR, but you'll see. One day I might just prove something extraordinary for you.

Wait and see.

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