Monday, August 10, 2009

My blog went dissappear?!

Yes Landay, and I don't have any freaking idea why.

I think it was because of the laggingness of the crappy connection just now? eff. My yesterday's post also dissappeared, like what the hell? Shit I'm so NOT gonna blog about it AGAIN.

Screw that.

Well today is my lil' miss annoying sis' birthday. Turning 11 huh? pssh. Hahaha, i hope you get more mature after this. You better be, stop being so irritating. Love you always, xoxo! :)

This song apparently stucked in my head till now, lol. Wonder whyy~ Some of the 'issue' words sound like 'tissue', hahaha don't you think so? ;)

Oh thank you so much for the friendship card landay, love itt loads.
I'll get cargo's name for you hahahaha. :P

"So, it was true huh?"



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