Sunday, December 27, 2009

Relink. It's up to you though.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Don’t leave me here with these tears, come and kiss this pain away.

Told'ya I will come back (: I miss blogger all of sudden.

Bloody sickness keep attacking me 24/7, and the worst part is.. it's on Christmas Eve. What does that mean huh? shit. poo.

Anyways, how the heck do you upload video here ah? Sorry for being dumb but yeah, HOW HOW HOW?! Someone better tell me, or else... I will do nothing. HAHA crap. If you feel like leaving now, you may go 'cause as always, my posts bore the hell out of me, too.

 Latest version of the blog function kinda cool. But.. I still can't figure how to upload a friggin' video, yet. Grr.

SO. PMR's results were out, and congratulations to all who made it to the top achievements, and for those who got 7A, 1B.. BE GREATFUL. enough said.

To my friends! or babes you may say :P  

*red and green reminds me of something, literally ;D*

With love, Sully.

"The nights are so unkind, bring back those nights..
when I held you beside me.."

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Not enjoying the silence, at all.


here's one thing - I think I'm gonna stop blogging here at blogger for quite awhile. & it's not about tumblr, 'cause well, it's not a suitable place for me to blog a proper post. If you know what I mean. Mostly reblogging pretty pictures, meaningful quotes and what not.

Something I discovered recently, where I'm currently blogging in that place, which, I am not gonna reveal the link. for now.

So yeah, maybe I'll post something here once in a blue moon or we'll see how. But I'm still keeping this, & I will still come back to blogger.

:) x


Friday, December 4, 2009

love is everything everybody wants in life~

extended version of L.O.V.E by Beverly :)

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Wants to get over it, like real quick. But how? No guts no glory, is what they say.

"And I know, maybe I'll even laugh about it one day,
But not today, no..
'Cause I don't feel so good,
I'm tangled up inside,
My heart is on my sleeve,
Tomorrow is a mystery to me."

say.. how much more longer again huh?


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Unbalance emotions unwilling to leave.


so bad.

You wanna gimme something to do?