Sunday, May 31, 2009



Yeap, we had our late, very the late i assumed teacher's day celebration. Some say it was fun and interesting, some say it was dead boring. Well, I did not enjoy this year's, honestly even though I found the theme is really special than previous years'. Most of the people was complaining bout' the PA system, music, arrangements and whatsoever and I was not happy in fact kinda pissed regarding that. WAS okay, note that. Whatevs, I've already done my best with my part, so I don't care. It was not easy ok, not hard but at the same definitely not easy. Bleh, enough with that spoil my mood saja.

Brought cammy along to school, so let the pictures talk shall we?

the banner..

bubu & joan's cow. (part of the decoration :D)

emcees of the day; Mohana and Josepha.
barisan-barisan guru yang dihormati .. *-.-*

can't help myself for not vaining at backstage :P

lovelies L-R: Amelia, Seri and Bubu.

juniors L-R: Syiqin, Tengku J, Leonnie, Konea.
it smells so good oh (:

L-R: MJ, T. Munis, T. Julin, Sister Carmen, T. Rosmah


by Elaine, Shanice, Rosalyn & Queenera - The Climb

by Rajvin, love her voice :)

by T.Rahman, Sir Bryan, MJ and T. Ramlih - Kau Ilhamku.

by Sister Carmen & T. Julin - Country Road Take Me Home

rockin' cowgirl in the town..yeehah! :D

by various teachers. They were singing some kaamatan songs.


FUTSAL! Students against teachers Who won ah? I'm not sure oh.

HAHAHAHAHA the most exciting game ever. Turned out to be so pretty after some magic done by our female teachers XD

aleyh bebeh. CUTE BAH KAU SINI :D

more pictures on facebook!

Last but not least,

YOUR MOM. hahahahahaha XD



Went to ISCEP on the same day as Teacher's Day celebration. My first time for this event :) It was quite a last minute decision to go cause' umm couldn't find any friend to go.. Jane, Stacey & Ann were assigned for duties on that night. But at last I went with Landy and the group :D FUN is the right word when you hang out with them. KHALIFAH? CHEE Mxx NxxK? SEAN KINGSTON? hahahaha XD Thanks guys! xx

emcees : Tracy & Jude. At first I did not even know that was Jude until his friend, Ralph tagged him on my album. Thanks!

emerlay eating some hot stuffz, literally.
the opening ceremony
LA SALLE'S CREATIVE DANCE, wo xi huan (I like) :D

korean singing some song, they sounded umm kinda off tune no offense.

priceless betul ni jangan kau :P

me with Zaidah & Jackie :D

Shufflers with mask~ cool. wo ye hen xi huan (:

Sugandoi Kaamatan Champion (junior) her voice was the bomb. I was like 'wow'.

korean guys. the last one on white Landy punya tu. HAHAHA XD

GEE GEE GEE GEE BABY BABY~ Mirabel & I expected on this performance.


awwwwwh Landay stop blaming me for not getting this thang for you XD

yay! got to take a picture with bini si mazzi :D muacks.

not forgetting Emerlay babe. Don't dig that A guy with hat aaahhhh :P btw, sedap oh the nescafe~ :D

Saw many familiar faces with their friends & the other halfs. LOL. Overall, I had fun. No regrets of going, teeeheee.

and again, more on facebook!


phew! I'm done here, finally.
Gonna hit the bed now or maybe not. Not feeling sleepy bah.
Oh wells, goodnight darlas! C:

started missing you already la, take care<3

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Howdy Ho!

Spend some time in an artistic pursuit today. Use some of your wonderful

In Detail
Spend some time in an artistic pursuit today and create a
physical representation of your next goal. Want to own a home? Make a collage of
ideas from magazines. Looking for love? Write a poem about the perfect mate
you're hoping to meet. Use your creativity to pave a path toward what you want
in life. While it might not create the results you want overnight, at least it
will get you focused on the positive sides of your goal instead of the
this reminds me of decoration for teacher's day celebration just now hahahah :P love the cow bubu! The theme for this year is 'Country' :D Don't know whether it is a good or bad thing, lol. Everyone was so stressed up & most of the prefects didn't stay back for it. EEFFFFF! was so pissed.

Well, hopes everything go smoothly tomorrow! howdy ho!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009



Hey peeps. Wish to know my mid-term results? Here you go then.

Sivic: 96% bleh, whats the use of getting high marks on sivic? cheh.

Agama: 75% errrr improved lil' bit laahh..

History: 74% darn. no comment on this.

BM Paper 1: 96/130%
oh shessh how i wish i can get more marks, seri keep mocking me wth ohhh :(

Maths: 60% just now our dearest principle go see my paper 1 kan, then she saw mine 28/40 ony she was like "28? NOT GOOD!" sheeesh, no doubt it was bad lah. *sigh*

Addmaths: 27% Such a failure kan? pffftttt. I'll study like hell for this.

Dat's all.Bye!

nice to have conversations with you :)

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What hurts the most

what hurts the most
was being so close,
and having so much to say
watching you walk away;
and never knowing
what could have been
not seeing that loving you
is what I was tryin' to do..

Never say goodbye when you still want to try.
Never give up when you still feel that you can take it.
Never say you no longer love a person
when you can't let go..



Sunday, May 24, 2009

Audrey's Sweet 16 Dance Party

sorry emerlay darling i didn't get to record yours cos' you know, low batt bah :(
pictures and updates will be post soon, enjoy the vid!:D

oh, & happy 100thsary to my very own bloggie!!!


p/s: removed a friend cos i cant stand anymore & hey, you're welcome, UGH.

single but not available for the mean time, how would chu like that huh? efff.

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Miss Konea Kamin's tag~

1. Besides your lips , where is the favourite spot to get kissed?
My kaki! haha i dare you to kiss my kaki :P No bha, err either cheeks or forehead.

2. How did you feel when you woke up this morning?
Audrey's prezzie! ngeheh.

3. Who was the last person / people you took a photo with?
Jane & Stacey sana dalam bas oren.

4. Would you consider yourself spoiled?
UGH. NO. I consider myself as the most being hate by my mom child. Well, that's the truth kan?whatever.

5. Will you ever donate blood?
Eh blood is so scary!:x But i think i will for the sake of saving people :)

6. Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex?
Yeap, and that was already once upon a time~ :'(

7. Do you want someone to be dead?
What? I'm not that evil bah you this.

8. What does your last text message say ?
"Not yet pun buy.."

9. What are you thinking right now ?
What had just happened just now. fark.

1o. Do you want someone to be with you right now ?
yes, I want some comfort from 'you'. omg what am i thinking *sigh*

11. What was the time you went to bed last night ?
around 10pm, was so sleepy and frustrated.

12. Where did you buy the tee you are wearing now ?
I did not buy, my aunt gave it to me.

13. Is someone on your mind right now ?
No, even if there is I won't be bother much.

14. Who was the last person who text you ?
si Chantal :]

TEN Lucky Person to do this quiz...
1. Ann (you better do this Ann, i insist :P)
2. Landay
3. Farhana
4. Iva
5. Shadel
6. Suzainie
7. Aleyh
8. Precious
9. Sharrel
10. Sue Sandra

15. Who is no.2 having a relationship with ? (Landay)
her gay best friends.

16. Is no.3 a male or a female? (Farhana)
A oh-so-damn-fair pretty female.

17. If no.7 and no.1 get together , would it be a good? (Aleyh & Ann)
HAHA No. 1 punya Mr. J kill me later & I think aleyh have someone in her mind already which i don't know who :P

18. What is no.1 studying about? (Ann)
That would be nothing for now cause' we just finished our exam, yeah ka Ann?

19. When was the last time you chatted with them ?

Ann - Friday evening sana car park.

Landay - during our friday stayback at 4ST class, i learned how to use the 'obscene' word HAHAHA :P

Farhana - Haven't got the chance to talk to her just YET. :D

Iva - last friday during Interact meeting.

Shadel - last friday juga at canteen :) It was good to see ya shadel!

Suzainie - Errr..last month during Bakat Interact~

Aleyh - Last was at dewan kecil when she approached me 'Sul bebeh' XD

Precious - Few weeks ago during choir practise, not really a chat lah hehhe.

Sharrel - I seldom or i may say never chat with her. Hehhe.

Sue - This girl ah, er we both chat thru mukabuku!:D

20.Is no.4 single? (Iva)
Nope I don't think so.

21. Say something about no. 2.
She always use the 'obscene' word & her quote : Scratch is the new hugs.

22. What do you think about no.3 & no.6 being together? (Hana & Suzai)
Haha Haynah ada si AL & Suzai ada her miss-call-guy :P, so it would be so wrong for them being together~

23. Describe no.9 .
One of the Interact BODs (:

24. What will you do if no.6 and no.7 fight ?
Do nothing hahaha I will like HUH? cause' they didn't know each other.

25. Do you like 8?
How can you resist a very PRECIOUS girl? XD

I'm done! Sorry for delaying this taggy konny :')

I love roses ♥

and that's so randduuhhmm [:

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

pointer 2.29?



oh dayuumm, dearest teacher *insert name here* made me feel so stress :/ i'm sorry if i fail, had done my best on that particular paper, i think? jane say he love us, ngeh. Don't worry i'm gonna study very the hard~ :/

all the best to my sis for universities application, she got *points up* for her matriks result, finger crossed.

hoping for the best for tomorrow night performance :'( aisshhh~

umm, back to study mode, last 3 papers yo! wish me luck.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Big Bang

<<< It's BIG BANG blogskin baybeee!how lucky (:

bio was suck, maths was okay & sej was ugh, crappy i menembak-nembak just now :P One more freaking day till freedooommmm! nasib i didn't take PA / EST *phew

X Stupid Books Pictures, Images and Photos
& i shall burn my books after that~ arrrgggh.

some events coming up:
- choir performance at sutera
- audrey's sweet 16 party
- iscep kaamatan
- iu day 09

bye bye!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

A good snapshot stops a moment from running away :]

I randomly edited some pictureesss! :D *I feel so creative bahahaha XD
Hey, editing pics is so much fun & can be so addictive some more :) (procrastinate)

i like this shot. teehee~ vain! :P

I LIKE THIS! HOT KAN? Konea bah tu, aiseehhh XD
this shot of konea made me feel 'pro', maybe it's because of the editing :)
ePPDA 09

camwhored with Cassandra a.k.a Purut
Kem Bina Negara Asas

Tugu Peringatan Negara
Holiday Vacation 08

'sisterly love' hahaha XD
Holiday Vacation 08

ma' header yo! :)
Choir Competition District Level 09

-still on exam mode which is effin' sucky-

see ya soon! C:

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Sunday, May 10, 2009



Here's a poem for you that similar to what I've wanted to say:

Your love is like the Arizona sun:
Always there, no matter what I do.
Bathed in light, I feel my love for you,
But words are gone before I have begun.
I don't know why I find it hard to say
The things that rest so deeply in my heart.
It seems almost impossible to start,
As though they're too ungainly to display.
I cherish you and what you feel for me.
I'm lucky that I have you for a mom.
I love you with a love that's sweet and calm,
And vast, like some unending inner sea.
You're the one I'm with when I'm alone;
You're the place within my heart that's home.


sincerely from your very demanding daughter :P,

Sulina Piakong~~:)


Not forgetting,




Friday, May 8, 2009

Suey's Tag.

photography is LOVE!~~:)

Tag 10 people that you just saw their name.

1. Konea

2. Farhana

3. Jane

4. Aleyh

5. Hazel

6. Chelsea

7. Ann

8. Suzai

9. Kay

10. Landy

Who is number 2 having relationship with? (Farhana)
--A guy name AL. Haynah, am I right? (;

Is 3 a female/male? (Jane)
--female duh.

If 7 and 10 get together, will that be a good thing? (Ann & Landy)
--hahahaha no. 7 is taken yo :)

What is number 1 studying about? (Konea)
--studying for the coming PMR.

Is number 4 single? (Aleyh)
--for now, yes :P

Say something about number 5. (Hazel)
--Taken by Scott.

What do you think of number 4 & 6 together? (Aleyh & Chelsea)
--bah, boleh sajaa XD

Describe number 8. (Suzai)
--My look-like-a-doll senior :)

p/s: woohooo i'm excited~~:D
daddy! when oh? fast fast ahh! i'll be very grateful mwahaha :p

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


my blog look empty.

and I.HATE.IT D:

something that i don't get is why people nowadays doesn't take a relationship (a proper one) seriously wtf, grrr :s