Sunday, August 23, 2009

If you can't hold on

Having sore throat, flu and slight fever. Fuck.

I think I got all the germs from my sis, since she's the only one having flu and keep coughing 24/7. Damn it.

So it was all started this early morning, where we had to wake up and have our sahur. I could feel my throat was literally heavy than usual, keep coughing and I can't breath well. So, was thinking of skipping fasting today but on second thought, it makes me a loser to skip fasting on the SECOND day. lol.

I think I can bear with all the illness.

But no, I can't get up from bed and what? lost track of time. Mom woke me up around 8am to ask me bout' her phone. Her phone went missing and I'm her victim for her to ask. Well cause I was holding her phone last night, so yeah. Whatevs. Then after that, the second time I woke up it was already 2pm. WTF. Thank god it's holiday, or else..

And now here I am, killing time while waiting for sungkai. Gah. I need h2O so much now! Damn mucus won't stop coming out, shit. Major headache.

Arrrgggghhh. 1++ hours to go.

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