Friday, May 8, 2009

Suey's Tag.

photography is LOVE!~~:)

Tag 10 people that you just saw their name.

1. Konea

2. Farhana

3. Jane

4. Aleyh

5. Hazel

6. Chelsea

7. Ann

8. Suzai

9. Kay

10. Landy

Who is number 2 having relationship with? (Farhana)
--A guy name AL. Haynah, am I right? (;

Is 3 a female/male? (Jane)
--female duh.

If 7 and 10 get together, will that be a good thing? (Ann & Landy)
--hahahaha no. 7 is taken yo :)

What is number 1 studying about? (Konea)
--studying for the coming PMR.

Is number 4 single? (Aleyh)
--for now, yes :P

Say something about number 5. (Hazel)
--Taken by Scott.

What do you think of number 4 & 6 together? (Aleyh & Chelsea)
--bah, boleh sajaa XD

Describe number 8. (Suzai)
--My look-like-a-doll senior :)

p/s: woohooo i'm excited~~:D
daddy! when oh? fast fast ahh! i'll be very grateful mwahaha :p

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