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Yeap, we had our late, very the late i assumed teacher's day celebration. Some say it was fun and interesting, some say it was dead boring. Well, I did not enjoy this year's, honestly even though I found the theme is really special than previous years'. Most of the people was complaining bout' the PA system, music, arrangements and whatsoever and I was not happy in fact kinda pissed regarding that. WAS okay, note that. Whatevs, I've already done my best with my part, so I don't care. It was not easy ok, not hard but at the same definitely not easy. Bleh, enough with that spoil my mood saja.

Brought cammy along to school, so let the pictures talk shall we?

the banner..

bubu & joan's cow. (part of the decoration :D)

emcees of the day; Mohana and Josepha.
barisan-barisan guru yang dihormati .. *-.-*

can't help myself for not vaining at backstage :P

lovelies L-R: Amelia, Seri and Bubu.

juniors L-R: Syiqin, Tengku J, Leonnie, Konea.
it smells so good oh (:

L-R: MJ, T. Munis, T. Julin, Sister Carmen, T. Rosmah


by Elaine, Shanice, Rosalyn & Queenera - The Climb

by Rajvin, love her voice :)

by T.Rahman, Sir Bryan, MJ and T. Ramlih - Kau Ilhamku.

by Sister Carmen & T. Julin - Country Road Take Me Home

rockin' cowgirl in the town..yeehah! :D

by various teachers. They were singing some kaamatan songs.


FUTSAL! Students against teachers Who won ah? I'm not sure oh.

HAHAHAHAHA the most exciting game ever. Turned out to be so pretty after some magic done by our female teachers XD

aleyh bebeh. CUTE BAH KAU SINI :D

more pictures on facebook!

Last but not least,

YOUR MOM. hahahahahaha XD



Went to ISCEP on the same day as Teacher's Day celebration. My first time for this event :) It was quite a last minute decision to go cause' umm couldn't find any friend to go.. Jane, Stacey & Ann were assigned for duties on that night. But at last I went with Landy and the group :D FUN is the right word when you hang out with them. KHALIFAH? CHEE Mxx NxxK? SEAN KINGSTON? hahahaha XD Thanks guys! xx

emcees : Tracy & Jude. At first I did not even know that was Jude until his friend, Ralph tagged him on my album. Thanks!

emerlay eating some hot stuffz, literally.
the opening ceremony
LA SALLE'S CREATIVE DANCE, wo xi huan (I like) :D

korean singing some song, they sounded umm kinda off tune no offense.

priceless betul ni jangan kau :P

me with Zaidah & Jackie :D

Shufflers with mask~ cool. wo ye hen xi huan (:

Sugandoi Kaamatan Champion (junior) her voice was the bomb. I was like 'wow'.

korean guys. the last one on white Landy punya tu. HAHAHA XD

GEE GEE GEE GEE BABY BABY~ Mirabel & I expected on this performance.


awwwwwh Landay stop blaming me for not getting this thang for you XD

yay! got to take a picture with bini si mazzi :D muacks.

not forgetting Emerlay babe. Don't dig that A guy with hat aaahhhh :P btw, sedap oh the nescafe~ :D

Saw many familiar faces with their friends & the other halfs. LOL. Overall, I had fun. No regrets of going, teeeheee.

and again, more on facebook!


phew! I'm done here, finally.
Gonna hit the bed now or maybe not. Not feeling sleepy bah.
Oh wells, goodnight darlas! C:

started missing you already la, take care<3

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Blogger Emergeek said...

NO BABE!!!!! NOOOOOO!!! U just humiliated me. you know dat?! was dat my head ka covered in red stuff..
!!!!! SULLL!! BABE.. how cud u do dis to meee!!

02 June, 2009  
Blogger Sulina Piakong said...

hahaha i did not ok!? you know i love you <3 haha DUH lah of course it was youuu :D

02 June, 2009  

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