Tuesday, May 26, 2009



Hey peeps. Wish to know my mid-term results? Here you go then.

Sivic: 96% bleh, whats the use of getting high marks on sivic? cheh.

Agama: 75% errrr improved lil' bit laahh..

History: 74% darn. no comment on this.

BM Paper 1: 96/130%
oh shessh how i wish i can get more marks, seri keep mocking me wth ohhh :(

Maths: 60% just now our dearest principle go see my paper 1 kan, then she saw mine 28/40 ony she was like "28? NOT GOOD!" sheeesh, no doubt it was bad lah. *sigh*

Addmaths: 27% Such a failure kan? pffftttt. I'll study like hell for this.

Dat's all.Bye!

nice to have conversations with you :)

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Blogger Emergeek said...

sul darling, we all oso flunked.. cept those ppl like mirabel :P

26 May, 2009  
Blogger Sulina Piakong said...

cept for your gay partner landay as weeelll, i got annoyed on mir for being so modest~ pfft :p

26 May, 2009  

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