Sunday, November 23, 2008

Uno Freako?

By right, for some reason i wanna make this blog as a private one. But then, for after million thoughts, i've decided to make it.......PUBLIC! :) Promised myself & some of my friends to make this after PMR…so yea…after customize it*it’s ain't easy ya know?*, LET ME PRESENT MY VERY OWN BLOG TO YOU PEOPLE! :) wheeeee~ :D
Just a little excited, no biggy actually and I shall link you people okie?

This oh-so-boring-and-i'm-doing-nothing holiday has make me gone crazeh and now i've turned into an UNO freak! :) pretty good huh? NOT! ohgod. I've been playing uno with my lil retarded sis since...errrr....since this hols started. & yup! My lil sis is officially my partner in playing uno now. teehee:P

It's OUR game :P

noooo peeking! :')

happy belated halloween! LOL :D

haha. she doesn't know i took this.shhhh:P

still love her eventhough she's kinda retarded +.+''

let's switch tiara! :)

& now i'm the UNO princess? haha.


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