Saturday, November 22, 2008

Missing everyone here.

hey, just got back from 1 Borneo :)

Went to Chinatown and bought sandals. Had lunch at Penang Village. Man, that place is superdupa dark oh. O.o
then walked around jalan-jalan cuci mata & bought 2 pair of round earrings :) After awhile, off to starbucks yo. haha and now here i am, blogging about some oh-so-boring post.

CAUTION: please DON'T read this cos it might be a very boring post to you okay?

Sigh. There are A LOT of things in my mind that i wanna blog about. But then my mind just refuse to do so. Siiiiiiigggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh, really need to let it out now. I've been thinking a lot nowadays. Think about what? thinkin bout my PMR, thinkin bout xxxxx, thinkin bout my future, thinkin bout the days after SPM blah blah... So i'm thinkin bout what will happen if i join the choir team next year, thinkin bout when will i gonna start studying for my form 4, thinkin bout my hair*tsk, my hair is on the list baybeh*, thinkin bout my ambition *current status: ambitionless!*, thinkin bout my friends *i miss them:(*, wondering bout why other ppl can go for vacay while i just can't, thinkin bout will seri move to all saints next year?, thinkin bout when will i get to meet my beloved friends, thinkin bout this blog whether i should make it public or not and etc etc etc etc. You name them.

How I wish I'm at the beach now...ugh~ Cos i'd like to shout-out-loud my dear. sheessshhhh. i'm stressing now.

Grrrr.I'm missing everyone alreadyyyy:(
-Janeh (babe, come back fast!imy)
-Lyn (Happy schweet fifteen!)
-Ann the boss :P
-My momma becky (few more days to goooo)
-Konnyyy the sexxayy
-Syiqinerd (just get over with him, allthebessttt)

guess nobody will read this. Nevermind, at least i expressed it out lil bit already :)
I NEED CBOX. Someone help me with it. & no doubt that i'm dumb.
off for shower, chiaow~ oh before that,



Anonymous Emerlay said...

HUH?! SERI GOIN ALL SAINTS??!! im gonna follow her.. mwuhahaha..

25 November, 2008  
Blogger Sul♥sya said...

haha...havent confirm yet darling..and NO! dont pindah bha u!

26 November, 2008  

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