Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cranky Holiday

Where the hell is everybody?? Hello? okay, nevermind. Maybe it's just me.*sigh* I'm lost. Things will change after this isn't it? Well, I don't want any changes okay. well, some sort of things. Someone just told me and said that nothing will change, but it's just seems to be. Damn, I don't know what I just typed. no, seriously. I've been so emotional lately. & I've NO IDEA why. Keeping too much to myself? I hate this holiday, officially. I'm blank bout' almost everything and I dislike aka hate it okay! sheessh. Just ignore me, I'm just. trying to express something out but I just couldn't.why? I'm blank. again. HA-HA.

Oh. Well, here are SOME teenny tiny things that I clear about. Mom got her free air ticket and we will be going for a holiday trip to Penang, Pulau Langkawi & KL. Yea, great. Suprisingly, i'm not exited about it. but not AT ALL lah. Just, this time things are little bit different since my sis & dad can't join us. Sis will be stuck at her KML (Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan) and dad have to go Keningau for his outstation, after his Korea trip. *hope daddy will bring back cammy safely from there* :O Just me, nurul & mom? oh-em-gee. dats BORING. Oh well, what to do ey? hmm. But, I kinda felt happy for my mom since it's been aaagges she never had the chance to visit her family there in Penang. Till now, she wiling to spend some time to go for a vacation to meet them. Can't wait to meet my aunts, uncles & cousins there. Yea right, as if they still remember me huh? I mean, those cousins. Hmm..I really don't know, we'll see bout' that. So, will be leaving KK on the 14th December and will be back here on the 24th. Wow, it's Christmas Eve:) then 3 days after that it's PMR results out day. Wish me luck for that!

'You don't need to know everything in life,
just the things you need to be happy"

Got that from Ann's page.
It's so true ya know, totally agreed with em'.



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