Sunday, November 16, 2008

I tagged moiself! :P

Why am i doing this huh? Cos imma awesomely bored. i mean REALLY bored. I'm dying soon. Bang! :)
Ok, so here this taggy-tag-tag gooo..

5 things in my bag ;
*chinese novel
*camera! this is so a must:P
*tissue+sanitary pad. what?one set mah! haha.

5things in my wallet/purse ;
*identity card
*pengawas percubaan tag. sobs, i misses the old times already:(
*sfc student card
*$$$$ of course.

5 of my favourite things in my room ;
*de' radio
*my diary
*my accessories
*my blankie

5 things that i want to do ;
*customize this complicated blog
*chat/sms with *:/
*i wanna go out! beach, shopping, cinema, hang out with friends &etc would be nice:) damn, imma rotting here.
*sing out loud:O
*blog about i-know-what where i kept in my heart all this while. it's time to express baybeh!

5 things that i'm doing ;
*doing this taggy obviously
*checking hp
*reading some blogs out there
*thinking should i join the school choir next year?

5 person i want to tag ;
*imma not tagging anyone although i wanted to cos no one knows my existence, kay?

p/s: i love georgia:)


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