Wednesday, December 31, 2008

HAPPY 09! (;

GREETINGS FROM ME! again. Well, i guess this is my last post for the year 2008 eh? yup.

Well, frankly said, I am not ready for next year, which left 2 more hours to it. *sigh* Time flies, yesh, that's the reality. So next year I'll be a freaking 16 years old form 4 girl, teenager preciesely. More stress to comeee and I shall ready to face it. Gah.

Enough said. I just loveeeee this year, yes 2008 is the best year ever for me *for now lah* . I think it is because I got to make new friends, meet new people, experienced new things, my PMR year and so on. Too many to be list out here as I always said.

Here are some events/things or whatever you call it that happened throughout year 2008 :D (yg I remember one.hehe:P)

-My birthday. Didn't get to eat cake. KFC instead. Got some presents from friends (:

-SFC Cross Country. Got a point for Comet. Goooooo Comet! HA-HA.

-SFC Sukan Mini.

-SFC Sukan Tahunan. Champion was Jet if I'm not mistaken. Is it?

-Choir audition. Too afraid and shy to go for it.blegh.

-Choir Competition

-Majlis Anugerah Kecemerlangan (MAK) at Sacred Heart Parish Hall.

-Pantun Competition (-.-'') I suck at pantun. Not gonna join anymore!geez.

-Cikgu Jafri's farewell ceremony.

-Bakat Interact. Awesome team from our school..champion was SFC ;)

-Zida's left home to Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan for her further studies.

-Prefects Selection.

-Quit librarian job.

-Had my momma in SFC Prefectorial Board :p *all were launging in that particular moment T.T*

-Prefects Installation. *sob* I love the lagu lilin somehow.

-Got my first-in-my-lifetime ROSES. teeehee.

-Officially a prefect.

-Had some misunderstood i may say with a friend. bad times. tsk. Hope will get better next year.

-Stressful year /:

*finally back! argggh*

What just happened? Well, no current! yes, no current on the New Year's Eve where everyone was soo freakin' excited to count down & celebrate the coming year. I despise you Sepangar!!! & my post was officially *poof!*, GONE. I celebrated new year in the darkness! Darn it, it's New Year already and I'm going to finish this post no matter what. Back to my list, again :(

-Kerja Kursus.KST, KGT, Kerja Kayu KHB etc etc...loss so much weight after that.gah!

-Loads of PMR/SPM ceramahs/bengkels.

-Stayed back at school for quite lots of times.

-Made friendster and facebook account

-Made a blog.

-Made new friendssss :D

-Had a GREAT time with seniors, besties, juniors. mahal kita :D

-Got a digicam named cammy. -.-'''' Thanks dy.

-Olympic in Beijing, China where everyone went crazy over Michael Phelps. I remember that!hehehe.

-May you RIP Teacher Florenia.

-Hari Raya. Didn't balik kampung this year. Well, I was quite happy for that.

-The big exam. Penilaian Menengah Rendah.

-The Aktiviti Lepas PMR went on; KHB Bengkel Gotong Royong, A trip to KKIA & UMS, Sivic's projects etc etc...

-Too much heartbroken. tsk. I forgived but will NEVER forget.

-Kawad Kaki competition. Champion: Kadet Polis.

-Majlis Akhir Tahun.

-Class Party at Marie's

-Twilight movie! and bought Twilight Saga novels :')

-I turned out to be sooo emotional this year..

-Gained more confidence. woooh.

-Became more friendly :DD

-Officially a camwhore, so weird but i'm proud of it! thank you thank you.

-Addicted to shopping.

-Daddy went to Korea and bought Hanbuk. I was like wtf.

-Vacation 2008 in Penang, KL & Langkawi.

-Met my lovey-dovey family in Penang.

-Outing with the other 4 :D

-PMR result. The feeling was superb! :)

-Christmas Parttay at Sonia's.

That's all I can remember for now :D
p/s: The lists are not in order with their date or whatsoever obviously.

Some snaps of year 2008:






All in all, 2008 had it's ups and downs..Nevertheless, it's an unforgettable and memorable year for me:DDD



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