Saturday, December 27, 2008

Reminiscing the past.

Look what my dad found! 'THE PAST' (:
No blabbing for the meantime, only pictures. As the phrase goes ''a picture worth a thousand words'' right? nyehehehhe.

cukur jambul time.

Imam Azidah? lol. Don't kill me after this *puppy dog eyes*

Chinese + Bajau =.=

cutee, no?

zida giving her kisses away. mmwwah!

I was born to this freakin' earth! yay (:

one moment ago, i noticed the someone-is-taking-pic shadow ;)

my i-donnoTH birthday

hush lil' baby don't you cry everything's gonna be alright

mom - zid - stranger

mom + dad = zid :P


hahaha dah, you know you love me.

sadap! but i drink milk no more now :( so that's why imma shorty.

oh yeah..imma once a rock star!

can't believe i'm gonna turn 16 soon. sigh.

weee!.. i love my cheek. mwahaha.


p/s: 2008 I forbid you to end.


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