Friday, November 27, 2009

Love isn't the enemy, don'tchu wanna be lost then found?

Oh yes I do. Somebody gonna be flattered after this XD

-Greetings everyone! "So how's your holiday?" That's a common question to be asked recentky, especially in facebook. Anyways, speaking 'bout holiday, well hip-hip-hooray MY holiday just started, after knowing the fact that ... I'm free from choir activity already.

Done with choir and next was Interact. Yeah tell me 'bout it. So yesterday, we were asked to go to KK Wetland Centre 'cause the Singaporean students were here in Sabah for a visit. We were there to welcome them, and honestly I don't get the point of we the interactors who have to do the job of welcoming them. lol seriously. But it's okay, I had fun actually.

Me & Sam arrived there at 8.30 am or so and there were already other school's interactor. So we waited for them to arrive for uhh 30 minutes I think? Yeaaah.

That's them upon the arrival.
After that, we were asked to mix around with them & introduced ourselves. There were too many names that I couldn't even remember all! The only one I remembered is Asyura! Haha she sounds very funny with her "terima kasih cintaa!" XD haha. Ohh almost forgot, they are from the Whitley Secondary School, I think it's a private school there in Singapore.

Then after done with the bonding session, we sang 'Sayang Kinabalu' & taught them to dance Sumazau. LOL that was my first time dancing Sumazau in front of people & it was sweaty & fun haha. After Sumazau, poco-poco dance! I was confused for awhile but after that I managed to follow their steps. -__-" ehehe.

Moving on, we had our gift exhanging session sort of like that. Our club didn't really prepare any souveniers for them except for our Installation Night magazine, but some of us managed to get keychains, shirts, sarong & board games I think. Thank you for the keychainsss! x

Had group photos & overall, I really had fun with them, never expected that.

more pictures -


that's Asyura in the middle :)

their teacher

so that's all, i edited this post btw~

"Where did you go? I've something to tell you."

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