Thursday, November 5, 2009

But you got me feeling some kind of way for you, you got me trippin over words.

So tomorrow is the day! Flight will be on 10.45am, then gonna reach there at 1pm or so. After that, off we go to Kuantan by bus for 4 hours 30 minutes. Competition will be on the next day, and that is so soon!

Do pray for us! We want a victory for Sabah so badly. Of course, we will do our very best aites :) Will update soon after those 3 days.

"Musuh melanggarku gempur,
sungguh rela kugugur kerana,
kau tanah pusaka,
biar putih tulang jangan putih mata..."

Get your spirits up girls! Buena suerte us.

Bye people, you know you gonna miss me XD



Blogger Lil Tiger said...

Jiayou Sulina and your team! :D
Most importantly you gotta have fun ahh! *transfer energy and power dush dush*

we sang that song too but kalah ^^"

06 November, 2009  

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