Saturday, November 21, 2009

Don't be sad because it's over, smile because it happened. Pictures of the day?

:D IMMA EAT CHU never fails to make my day & the banana? that's just plain weird :P

"It is at the edge of a petal that love waits"

Class of 2012


So another day has gone & wasted. Didn't do much today except for glueing by eyes on the computer screen, eat and sleep. That's pretty much of it. 2 person asked me to find a job. -____-" I'm like what? Haha so sudden. I know I'm such a lazy ass ba.


Or maybe I do should go find a job, no? yes? :s Well, it's not like I don't want to but er what job can I do? Hahaha. No one wants to hire me for sure. Part time photographer? I'll be very thrill, count me in on that ;) Plus, I have other stuff to be done & plans to accomplish mkay? Omg. Speaking of plan, I'm sure gonna haunt Wisma tomorrow or whenever as soon as possible 'cause Bervert & Sharren found the earrings holder I'm talking about in my previous post there & they actually text me bout it. Hahaha stalker la you guys, I didn't know they actually read my blog :P & sorry couldn't reply! Out of credit :/ Thanks again, that was very thoughtful ♥

& Before I bid you goodnight, I'd like to congrats -

2NE1 for getting Best Song (I Don't Care), Best MV (Fire), Best New Female Artist and Music Portal Mnet Award


G-Dragon for getting Best Album (Heartbreaker)

in Mnet Asian Music Award (MAMA) 2009! :D CLICK

*claps* hell yes they deserved it.

Oh did I mention I hate the fact that my dad is totally addicted to facebook? Shouldn't have told him to make one in the first place. Uhh...whatevs.

okay, I'm off for good now, bye & goodnight! xx

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