Friday, November 20, 2009

And in the shadow of a moonlit night

Holiday doesn't feel like holiday, choir is not even done yet. I love choir, but uh.. I guess we need a break. Like seriously? Ngeehh. So I'm out of word! I somehow pity you blog for not updating anything or only will post something crappy when I update.

So there will be a choir performance at Wisma Muis next Wednesday. Honestly speaking, I can't wait to get that done & overrr. On the other hand, I'm looking forward for New Moon :)

Currently uploading the photos we took during our(choir) lunch in @tmosphere the other day~ Not satisfied with the food! The amount of food they served was like so little & they taste plain & nothing extraordinary you can even find such food anywhere. I swear I'm not going back there again. We had slice of pineapple, watermelon & honeydew and you call that a dessert? Pfftt.

now THIS is awesome! Where can i get this again?

Nothing else to post here, obviously my life's a bore. Till then~

Why can't I stop eating nowadays?

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