Thursday, October 29, 2009

Clock can tick away, happy will fall in place.

*found this post in my drafts & decided to edit it*

Browsed through YouTube just now, and I was so bored so I started typing random artists' name in the search box.

Typed Pixie Lott and simply click on this video. All this while I'm mutual towards her song - Mama Do, not considering a fan of her too. But after listening to this song, i think it was kinda nice, and i love her voice. :) Still not to late eh? haha.

turn it up turn it up~ hehe.

the ending is tragically sad, YG rocks for making such superbly awesome music video. :)


so anyways, the santaian kenangan or the prefect annual party was held yesterday. Lets get some pictures to talk, shall we?

geng pemanggang SFC! Mana mau cari pemanggang begini, hot & sexy. :P

sul, jen-jen, stae

jump shot taken by leonnie with syiqin's D90 :)

falon! the senior that I always seek to help me with my neck tie. awwh <3

love these people! ex oh ex oh :*

random shot taken with my T300 baby.

so that's it, Pahang in 3 more days! *gasp* pray for us mkay? We need it.

"i don't like it either, okay"

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