Monday, November 30, 2009

They love us! & because of that, I'm proud to be Sabahan.

Haha ignore the skemaness of my title.

Remember the Singaporeans in my previous post? Well, they friggin' love the song Sayang Kinabalu. :D I was chatting with Syura just now and she asked me about that song whether it's in Youtube or not. So I gave her the link & guess what? She linked that song to her other friends, & of course they love so very much too! hehe.

haha LOL to Syura's "feels like you're floating while listening" XD

Gosh, I feel so touched la while reading their comments, so sweet of them! Well they rock for appreciating our local song :) <3

woots, it's 'ze 200th post baby~ BTW, ADIOS NOVEMBER.


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