Sunday, October 25, 2009

Buttz aka Patriciaaaa!

Buttz! If you see this, sorry I can't reply you in facebook chat! Facebook chat was being a b*tch until now. When I replied, the message can't seems to send to you. :\

& then when I refreshed, the fb page failed to load. 'Internet Explorer cannot open this page'? Eff.

Sorry k babe! to your reply, I don't know oh, if you know tell me can? :( Do you know for Chemistry wan? Let me know if you knowww, sharing is caring :P

p/s- I want the old fb back.
p/p/s - REST WELL LANDAAAAYY! get well soon my love.
p/p/p/s - Rimup & Installation updeted in tumblr.



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