Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Down to my last dime

Sweet, sweeett music video! :) Love the bokeh background and um I think that girl is kinda old for Justin? Haha. Oh wells, but the lyrics is sweet so I don't gives. :P

"Her hearts locked and nowhere to get the key
I’ll take her and leave the world with one less lonely girl

Am I updating too frequently? -__-" Well I don't know where did I get the blogging mojo but most probably 'cos I'm trying to procrastinate as long as I can. Bahahaha. I'll get MY freedom after 10 more days. UGH UGH~

I SURVIVED THE FIRST DAY OF EXCEL BTW, I thought I was gonna faint any minute cos I can't believe I'm repeating this again - I'M DEAD TIRED for exams. I hope I'm fainting tomorrow. No jokes, seriously.


The original one is being disable for embedding. Enjoy! Don't like? It's ok you can go away. :)

JUSTIN BIEBER is the junior version of Jesse McCartney. Don'tchu think so? Well at least I am.

Off to shower! Tata for now, lovelies.


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