Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Biar aku menjadi lilin

vacation 08; penang butterfly farm

Stuffs today:
- Prefects' briefing, congratulations to the 3 head (:
- Got our Franciscan 08 yearbook! Awesome.
- Class as usual, teacher jokes about something that is NOT even funny AT ALL. pfft.
- Prefects' Meeting: Installation gonna be on Thursday~ Theme is notgonnatellyou hahaha, you will soon know.
- Rehearsal on the choir part, lol. Don't mock that lilin song bah, it's nice!
- Class as usual then went back home
- SJK (C) Shan Tao (sis' school) is close for a week, two person having H1N1, poor thang.
- Kem Perdana this friday!
- Interact Community Service on Saturday, can't join them because of the clashing date with Kem Perdana, tsk.

So basically that's all.

"Biarku menjadi lilin
Memberikan cahaya
Saat kau kesepian, saat kau kegelapan
Kurela menerangi..."

Arrivederci! x

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