Monday, July 6, 2009

5 more months to 2010

June & July :)

Those are some events throughout june & beginning of july. Miss those days! Argh. Umm, today the weather was being nice to us haha, it was cloudy & raining, awesome. Had the usual assembly and our class got kelas terbersih, for the first time man, well this year lah. Landay must be really happy XD No big deal I guess, but congrats us still. Finally. After so many months, got to attend class and study like a normal student XD. First day to be in Teacher Huong class, ugh I don't get her english pronounciation. Can't stop laughing cause' sorry no offense I cannot tahan bah, but seriously Wong & Huong's SIX is 'SIS'. sighs.

On the other hand, Choir team went to perform at Sabah International Folklore Festival last Saturday night, saw some franciscans. It turned out to be uhmm, ok-ok? Not really satisfied with it. We sang I Have A Dream and Sayang Kinabalu. Can't really hear Altos for the Sayang Kinabalu song, but oh well I enjoyed being with the choir members. :) Miss them and Mia! tch.

Current time is 23.44, not sleepy though. We will be having our Sports Carnival tomorrow, hope the weather gonna be fine tomorrow. Didn't take part in any sports, will join the aerobic instead. Was kinda shock when teacher Chin announced certificate will be given to whoever who join aerobic. yay! haha. And then I'll be helping out at Interact & Prefectorial Board's stall.

All Saints bazaar on Saturday. Go or no go? hmm haven't make up my mind cause' test will be on next Monday! :O pffft I haven't really study yet. After test will beee...7K? yeaps. Whatelse? *paused for a lil while* okay nevermind I forgot, ugh. Nothing much I guess, till then.


-confusion of feelings, darn.

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