Friday, June 19, 2009

Because I love you

Template changed, everything's deleted. Something went wrong I don't really care lah, so just stick to plain white for the mean time. It's 00:59 and I'm still awake to check someone's blog. I'm not being a stalker here, just helping my friend hehe. I don't know what to say, what to blog anymore. Life's getting boring and meaningless, hates year 2009. Don't you? Well for me it sucks. Misses those days! Argh.


IU Day that day was, kinda sucked too. Unexpected things happened? Yeah. Won't go futher on this. The only part that I like is, proudly said SFC food & games departments won. Thanks to Iva and the rest of the members. Click.
Oh was blog walking just now & saw my friend's chatbox and was kinda pissed of someone who being shitty again. Like wtf? Jealous ah you? Damn.


Can't wait for 7K? Heh. Gimme some excitement can? LOL. Choir competition will be on next Saturday at UMS. Wish us luck! I really REALLY need to go JB! oh my gosh this is freaking me out! Badly wants to win *fingers crossed* :S

Hmm got to go cause' no more thoughts can be fill through the page here.

If I could see the future and how this plays out
I bet it's better than where we are now
But after going through this, it's easier to see the reason why..

nights! x

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