Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mamma Mia!

Morning sunshine!(:
No wait, scratch that. It's 1pm already =.=" So good afternoon everybodeeh! I just woke up, yeah and having a slight headache now. Ugh, too much sleep I guess.

Anyways, 5 more days till school reopen. :( Ain't that just goooood? *sigh* So far haven't that any homework YET, and I swear I'm gonna do that today! No more procrastinate ugh ugh ugh~

Things to be DONE today:
- Eat! Just woke up, so yeah I haven't eat. Need food to work everythings out orite?
- Shower
- Do laundry for my white jeans, interact shirt & other clothings~
- Study for a lil' while. It's June already~ DIE. Next year SPM.
- Physics report D:
- Tell mom bout' tomorrow & my Saturday's plan.

IU DAY WILL BE ON SUNDAAAAYYYY! *shiver* SFC going to be representing, INDIA.

International Understanding Day
Date: 14 June (Sunday)
Venue: Palm Square, Centre Point.

Note: Entrance is free, Just bring your cash people! $$$

see ya!

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