Friday, June 5, 2009

Le Jaa Le Jaa <3

Greetings fellas!
So how's your holiday so far?
Well, mine can consider as tiring and dull, and full of creativity skills is needed :P If, you know what I mean.
So currently texting with a friend and umm blogging? yeaaaah.
Going to ask mom for permission to go 1Borneo to look look see see Jolin's mini concert or some sort. It's Jolin Tsai from Taiwan ok? I mean, how many celebrities from other country can you see who held a concert in KK? Well, hardly to be seen!
Uhhhhh Lee Hom please come here after this, please please pretty pleaassseeeee? D: yeah as if he can hear that kan? LOL.


Oh heeeecckkk! Can't wait for New Moon!!! :D

Jacob Black a.k.a Taylor Lautner is effingly dashingly HAWT don't you think so?
Aaaaahhhh~~ XD
No offense and sorry to say I hate it on 0:18 part when Bella raised her eyebrow asking Edward to kiss her! Ugh annoying la the expression, like desperately forcing him to kiss her! :x
Well, that's just a thought on the scene after watching the trailer ok (:
But seriously it's annoying..


Wooooohhhh another thing! Have you all watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince's trailer? It's kinda cool, can't wait for it too!
Click on you-tube and go watch if you haven't!
It's going to be out on the 17th July...
Mark your calender bebeh! :P

OK, got to go now!
Have nothing more to update already I guess.
Enjoy your weekend people! xx

p/s: I really have to take the abnormal things, normally. LOL.


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Blogger Landay said...

You watch lord of therings ody? Wait... Did i ask you that already? And you replied it sucked right? HAHAHAHAHAH It doesn't suck-- even dodo loves it. hahah

05 June, 2009  
Blogger Sulina Piakong said...

hahahahaha i didn't actually watch it properly landay, just a rant bah :P
IDK the actual story, ok it doesn't suck babe, no babe no. :PP

05 June, 2009  
Blogger Landay said...

no babe.. no babe babe .HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH omg. and I think edward's dad is the hottest man in the movie. LOL

06 June, 2009  
Blogger Sulina Piakong said...

hahahahahhaha XD YES FINALLY WE HAVE SOME IN COMMON. hawt kaaan? wish i could have a hawt dad ohh. wooooh. aweshomeee!

06 June, 2009  
Blogger Landay said...

i don't see that man as a dad... I see him as a hot single man in his middle 40s. hahahah HOTTNESS

06 June, 2009  
Blogger Sulina Piakong said...

Mazzi leh? :PPPP

06 June, 2009  

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