Saturday, April 11, 2009


ola amigos!

i feel like post somethin' up so here I am blogging (: Just came from picking up my sis at school & headed straight to saloon in kingfisher. Sis wanna chop her hair, and I took this 'oppurtunity' to iron my hair for temporary. HAH! RM7 only, cheap cheap :D lalala~ I hope it will last till tomorrow? mmm.

there are some events which I haven't update:
~EFA Bazaar
~Leadership Camp
~Mirabel's sweet 16
Did I miss anything? Well hope not eheh. No mood to update 'cos to much pictures bah. Tsk lazy ass of mine ahahaha :P

Did you visit Jane's blog? Mine REEEED and hers GREEEEEN~ LOL. What a coincidence! Christmas' colour bebeh hahha :D
Chose red 'cos I was going through my emoness that time, blegh.

Bakat is tomorrow, all the best to Rajvin's & Queenera's group! :]

we want victory some more,

photography Pictures, Images and Photos

i want to own a DSLR camera!
photography is awesome~ :'(

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