Sunday, April 5, 2009

Save the seals!

Checked my email just now and had this urge to blog bout' it~ The email reminds me of one of the news that I watch in TV3 around this week. It was about almost the same thing, same news that I saw. I still remember how mad I am when seeing the news on TV.


Here is basically the email contents:
from email/my thoughts
This is seal...
isn't it so cute & adorable?

Norway and Canada have a new kind of tourism. Killing baby seals!!!! They call it 'hunting' and it's a sport.

You want to call this sport ???!!! WHAT A TOTAL BULLSHIT!

Is he a sportsman???


You're our only hope!!!
OMG, i feel like crying after seeing this..D: Can you see the bubbles came out from the mouth? so sad! f*ck up you dumbass!
Please let it stop. This barbarism shouldn't be possible in our society!
YOU (refering to all the dumbasses) CALLED THIS A SPORT!?!? why do you have to do this??? What a heartless, dumb people! You killed so many of them you FOOL!!! Blood all around the place D:
Don't turn your back on us, we are so defenseless, we have no guns, please help us..!!!
This is their 'sport'. That is the way of them killing the seals. How pathetic they are.

I know these images seem painful for you, but we feel the pain...!! We are being slaughtered by ruthless people and it's going on RIGHT NOW!!! It's like the seals are calling for us...:'(
Don't you just feel so angry just by looking at all the pics?

What gives him the right to kill us? Who is he to decide bout life and death?
Oh so you think you look so cool?! Mau pose pose lagi sana! Who the hell are you to kill them you f*cktard!!!
What kind of sport is this?? I didn't harm anyone!! I was just swimming around doing nothing, now I'm dead!
Killing seals is not a sport, have you heard such kind of sport before? Full of nonsense!
Please help me and my friends!!!
awwwwh i feel so awful looking at them! D:
You can't just ignore these images!.. Keep silent and doing nothing makes you guilty!!..
Oh thanks to sportmen huh?! DAMN IT.
innocent creatures...:(
May ya'll R.I.P dearest seals!

You can make a statement by forwarding this mail to as many people as you can. Bring these murderers to the attention of world leaders. Thank you.

How sad. This is a true story that happened out there in Norway and Canada or whatsoever places. I feel like killing those damn bastards. Don't you just feel the same way? shit shit shit. Until now, I don't get what is/are the point(s) of killing the seals & saying it as a sport. Like WHAT THE HELL?! Come oooonnnn you brainless freak! pfft.

Before ending this post I would like to apologize with all those inappropriate words. All that will just come out when I'm in a total mad, sad, & all the negative feelings~

So,what say you?

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