Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sharmaine tagged me.

1. Male Friend : Best? no one in particular.
2. Female Friend : My babes ♥
3. Memory: Countless! (:

1. Time of day : School, tuition, homeworks.
2. Day of the week : Monday & tuesday, grr.
3. Food : Mmm don't have.
4. Memory: I don't keep them.

1. Person you saw : My sis.
2. Talked to on the phone : No one.
3. Text : was from Jane.
4. Messaged over MySpace : no MySpace.
5. What are you doing right now? : Duh THIS? what else.
6. Wearing?: School uniform
7. What is the weather like: Sunny

1. Is : Fry-day.
2. Got any plans? : I'm gonna fry things. LOL no bah, going 'camp' for 3 days! :D
3. Dislikes about tomorrow : So far, nothing.

1. Number : 5, 8, 21.
2. Song : SONGS. Halo by Beyonce, Angel by Natasha Bedingfield, etc etc etc.
3. Season : Autumn.
4. Cartoon: I don't watch cartoon.

1. Missing someone : so muchy.
2. Wanting : to eat my lunch.
3. Listening to : nothing.

True or False
I am a morning person : True.
I am an only child : False.
I am currently in my PJ’s : False.
I am currently suffering from a broken heart : False.
I can be paranoid at times : True.
I currently regret something that I have done : True.
I curse frequently : True.
I enjoy country music : Taylor Swift's & Carrie Underwood's. True.
I enjoy hip hop : True.
I enjoy techno/trance : False.
I enjoy talking on the phone : False.
I have a secret that I am ashamed to reveal : True.
I have been told that I have an unusual sense of humor : False.
I have changed a lot over the past year : True.
I have done something illegal : False.
I have had my hair cut within the last 2 months : True.

Single or Taken: Single.
Eye color : black.
Hair : Long, black & puffy. (haha)
Height : idk :(
Righty or lefty : righty

I tag:
Alyssa M.

Yay! we're gonna have a turn off together at the camp!!! exciteeed :P
p/s: gonna change layouttt~

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