Saturday, February 7, 2009

Trying Out Something New

hello, hello! (:

Well, happy saturday people!
so basically, didn't do anything today. woke up, eat, online, eat, teevee and I'm back here for blogging! hahaha yay me.

oh, as you can blog has a new look! :P wooohooo.
html sucks big time man, SO HARD wanna edit them~~ took 2++ hours to complete everything I want. However, this layout will soon be change agaaaain.hehehe. cos I know I will getting bored with this one.

Ow shucks my hair look terrible! I need a haircut momma! :( maybe tomorrow? IF I've done some of my homeworks. Hope mom will agree!.. *desperado tone* I currently ran out of shampoo & why the heck did my father threw my cleanser away? It's still new and half-full! I really don't get it. :( this is so sad. So now I have to wash my face with soap? wtf. Someone lend me pantene and clean and clear please..?

& here's something bout' our classroom. 'Someone' kicked my chair thrice continuosly yesterday during physics class, and what freaked me out was when I turned back to see who's doing prank on me, there's nobody. WHAT THE FREAK!? All (classmates) were sitting on their sits and no one's walking around that time and I'm 100% sure it wasn't landy's group prank work 'cos they sit damn far from my chair! So I decided to tell Seri bout' it and all she does was laughing!? oh goat, she doesn't believe and she thought I was illusionising (is this word even exist?idk) but you get it kan? LOL Landay they all were like making the possiblities and loads of 'maybes' that caused me to feel such thing. I wasn't moving, and all of sudden my chair being kicked 3 times! :S gah. freaky much!:( is it ghost? no one knows.

geeeez, the 'lil' bit of rhythm part' look sucks. do you think so? should I just erase them? wtf.
Our homeworks are countless bebeh. bullshit :( None of them are done. Guess my friends done with theirs ey? haihs, I'm such a procrastinator also merllyyyy :p

things to be done:
-reload *need this badly*
-a hair cut
-printer needs to go for repair
-study for US1
-wash school shoes
-countries research.mmm.
-tidy up my chamber -call Jane
-balut my references book & workbooks. -buy cleanser & shampoo

whatelse? there are so much things to do D: sigh.
hey, how to make the 'comments section' appear oh? landay?nerd?buttsie?merly? HELP! hehe.

note to self: Ujian Setara 1 is on the 2nd March.
I don't want to fail +M3.


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