Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Day Out At Sutera Harbour with Syiqin.


Syiqin ajak me go Marina to play badminton & she wanted to hang around at the beach. so yeah since I didn't touch the racket for so long time & I kinda miss playing badminton, went there after I got my motha's permission -.- In conclusion I spent my CNY's eve at Sutera with Syiqin? :) haha sorta. Envy syiqin cos she got herself a pink VAIO laptop :O tsk tsk.

gossiped, gossiped, gossiped :p

Hate the weather cos I expected it to be sunny but then it turned out very windy & cloudy. ngeh.
PICS! I shall not make any further elaboration.hehe.

my hair look so horribly fugly.


candid :p


thanks again for treat yo! ngeheh.



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