Tuesday, January 27, 2009

16 Random Things / Habits / Goals.

I got tagged by Konea & Precious dearies! :]

Directions:Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you.
At the end, choose five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.
Don't forget to leave a comment (''You're tagged!'') and to read your blog.
You can't tag the person who tagged you.Since you can't tag me, let me know when you've posted your blog, so I can see your weirdness.

1) I own a fragile heart just like someone tell me. Yup, I can turn out to be so emotional out of no reason even on small tiny little things. oh, I am sick of heartbrokened so many times. very very sensitive.

2) I use 'WATERFISH' instead of "WHAT THE FXCK" to curse. yay i created on my own weyh. proud proud :p

3) I seldom eat porridge. I dislike it since I was small. But kan I don't why I love to eat Mc D's one. mweheh.

4) I LOVEEEEE to sing in the toilet! HAHAHAHA :DD I like it when I hear my voice through the ecos. tsk, vainity fair bah.

5) I used to admit that I'm okay or i'm fine when my friends or family asks me 'sul, you okay?' or 'knapa kau?'. I'll eventually just answer 'yeah, ok bah' some sort like that eventhough deep down inside I'm actually hurt, sad blah blah emo things. I don't have the kebiasaan to express things out immediately. yeah I'll go nuts someday.*sigh*

6) When I'm mad or annoyed or whatsoever, I'll keep myself quite. Please don't come nearer or else you will get yourself annoyed by moi.

7) I don't like it when people try to be sooo fancy by typing those alphabet like this - eH, yOu'R3 $0 aNn0YiNg MaN. get me? no offence but i just feel URGH.

8) My current ambition, don't laugh after you read this. *sigh*
pharmacist, graphic designer, a photographer as part time. I love photography, but still learning bout it:) weird eh. okkay next!

9) I kinda feel proud when I'm in our prefect uniform. HAHAHAHA yeah I actually felt that you know. :D

10) I HATE IT when someone touch my hair when my hair in wet condition.

11) I don't drink milk as in the white colour milk cos i'll feel like puking whenever I consume them. but I wish I can grow taller! :( this is so saddening.

12) I've always wanted to wear glasses. BUT glasses without the degree. I'm curious with my look when I'm on it. aha, everyone said I look nerd? sheeesh. :(

13) I sleep with my text books, reference books, school stuff etc etc.. They are all over on & around my bed. Not that I want to show off I'm a smart, nerd person but then I'm trying to emphasize that I'm a lazy bum. YES VERY LAZY. so you see, I pack my school bag & stuff on my bed and I'm too lazy to remove them to other place instead just sleep with them. sweet sweet dream every night oh. haihs.

14) I don't know how to cook a proper meal. When it comes to 'proper meal' what I mean is you got lauk like ikan & ayam, vege, soup blah blah all those kind of dishes. What I can cook are maggimee, sausages, nuggets, yg fry fry one. oh you know what? except for fried chicken & fish. I'm afraid of the percikan minyak:/ This is so embarassing yeah I know. Useless is the word you can describe me :(

15) I wish I can wear dresses someday? haha okay that's random.

16) The last one would be..oh yeah! I stressed out VERY easily. grrrr, you can ask my friends bout' it. *sighhh*

SO YEAH THAT'S KINDA ME. hehe sorry for delaying this taggie post so long cos I really forgot bout it. ohohoho, I'll add up one here, I sometimes can be forgetful too.

- Dewina cos I never tag her before! haha do it okay? buat jgn tak buat.
- Landay cos she sound so retarded and weird with her MALAY ahahaha but I still LOB you mwah.
- Suzai cos her face mcm doll I like & mcm terbiasa ody I tag her :)
- Lucynda cos she's so effin' hyper, energetic, sexxay when it comes to dancing & cheerleading :DD
- Iva cos I adore her photography skill & I'd like to know more bout her.

Do it well aites? x.


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