Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Stayed back today, and had choir practice. Juniors are excited to the max. hah. Well, keep the spirit yo.

So much things to do, homeworks, chores, tuitions, prefects' carta..etc. Stay up late almost everyday. & no, i'm not complaining. JUST tired. Is that a complain? haha you tell me :p Wish I could have the time to study :( Ujian Setara 1 is just around the corner. bleh~ After observing, found out that THEY are being so pasive. Which is, bad? Simple thing also make it complicated.sheeeeesh. Improve yourself lah come oooooon. pettey, pettey. (not a proper english)


oh, here's something fyi. SFC going to have a bazaar organised by EFA (Ex-Franciscans' Association 98') on the 8th March. yay? Here's the info:


Date: 8 March 09
Time: 8.00 am - 2.00 pm
Venue: St. Francis Convent Secondary School
So, who's going? RM10 per book of coupon. Coupons are available from any of our school's student :) Including me okay? haha. Tag me if you're interested.
Don't hesitate to drop by our school on 8th March (Sunday), see ya!

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Blogger its just me, Surya (: said...

ohmygod! convent wants to make another bazaar after what happened last time?! GOD thats effedd uppp mann :O
ohweell. count me in :) im going i guess. haha

23 February, 2009  
Blogger Sulina Piakong said...

yeah A bazaar. anyway, what happened last time!?
:) yay see ya!

26 February, 2009  

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