Saturday, February 21, 2009


Choir Team 06

Can you resist by not saying WOW? they're just awesome. You can't deny it, right?

Well, happy happy saturday! No car at home currently, so I had to skip the part where I have to go convension at Damai today for the IPEX Iconic Structure Competition...shitzzyness oh. Whatelse can I say more? mmm, no idea. Been doing housechores, onlining, going through blogs and etc. Now left homeworks & not to forget, STUDY. I'm still wondering how the test goes & praying not to screw my first test. wtf. addmaths oh addmaths :( Wish me luck kio!

Some events on March? [03-05] Ujian Setara 1 // [08] SFC Bazaar // [12] SPM Result // [13] Bakat Convent // [14] IPEX Edible Architecture Competition // [1, 5, 6, 10] Birthdays.

*not sure bout the spm result date, heard it from someone. GOOD LUCK seniors!:)

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