Friday, February 27, 2009

'Cause you keep me from falling apart

Here I am blogging. Was supposed to study, but I can't help it just to go online. Perhaps tomorrow? Tomorrow I'll start revising although there's only 10% of chance for me not to screw up everything. *sighh* Wish me luck!

Well, school was hectic this morning. Because of what you may ask? SPOT CHECK. gah, no elaboration for that lah, the very usual spot check with the very usual thingssss.
Then, had PJ. It was crap, boring, unfun, dull and all those uncool words you can add. Bleh. Poor nerd being hit by the ball. /: I was very moody & grumpy at school today. Pffft. Honestly, everyone seems so annoying today. What the heaven is wrong with you all man? Not everyone but some. To all the 4ST & 4SF who's offended and annoyed by me, I'm sorry. Just doing the right thing and was on annoyed mode just now okay? Yeah yeah i'm not forgiven. whatever. Oh another thing, I can't stand those irresponsible, lazy people who doesn't do their duty and tend to make some lame excuses. Just do your duty girl(s)! pffffffffft. Again, Landy's being so nice to everyone until they panjat atas her kepala. Dang. You, I mean WE are lucky to have her as our Ketua Kebersihan but it's totally unfair for her to clean the classroom up everyday. Think bout' it.

Some thoughts of mine towards what just happened these few days. My blog, I can say whatever I want. Get over it, looz.

Then, we had BI & BM. Nothing much. Sam's essay(story) is uber cool and funny. I'm impressed haha. Brought her book home just to read them. & I don't think she realise I took it home. Teeeeeeeheeeeeee :P As for BM, mmm as usual the ultimate elaborater came in. HAH! I fell asleep during class just now. Gawsh.

Daddy went Mount Kinabalu with his students for hiking. wtfreak. Oh wells, cammy's not around, again :( I wanna take a picture just now to upload it here but what to do ey? I'll upload in the upcoming post! heeeee. Behold.

What else?Had Chemistry tuition just now with Wilfred, it was fine :) Oh oh did I mention anything bout Twilight Saga? No I didn't right? Well, I FINALLY OWN THE WHOLE SET OF TWILIGHT SAGA!!! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~! awhshome! Thanks mom you're the best :DD
She knew that I was finding Eclipse for such a long period but couldn't find it here & neither at Semenanjung. So while waiting for me to finish tuition she went to City Mall with sis to buy some stuffs. Then jeng jeng jeng they saw ECLIPSE! Mom bought it for meeee..(: This is so not her cos she seldom buy these kind of stuff without us telling her to do so. Ngeehee I know you lob me bha HAHAHA :PP

It's 12 am. Owh shucks I'm sleepy, was thinking of study for addmaths but guess it won't work. *sighh*
Hope I can do well in this first test as I'm crossing ma fingerrrhhssss. x
Good luck amigos!


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