Thursday, May 27, 2010

cause you're the apple to my pie?


Got to spend my time today in school instead of going to the rehearsal! Thank god the rehearsal was cancelled, woots! Was so happy. Well, it's my last year celebrating teacher's day for highschool alright?

Am glad that the music turn out good today, everyone was pleased? Sort of. I can see that most of them like the songs and all. Thanks to Konea darling for the CDs burning, remixes and techno songs also not forgetting the awesome PA system people, Farah and Michelle ;) 

Okay people with their DSLRs today, I want picturessss! Upload it faster in facebook, quick quick quick!

All in all, I'm feeling satisfied today. And that's what matters most yo.

School holiday officially starts tomorrow, and we have addmaths project and.. uhm 7 bloody essays to be done? Great. Juuuuust great. Anyone have any idea how to do the addmaths folio? Wasn't in class bah. Too cool for attending classes. NOT. I don't feel so holiday-ish anymore. Despite all that, interactors are going school for IU Day preparations! Aaaahhhh 3 weeks of holiday is certainly not enough. 

Speaking of IU Day, it will be held during this school holiday! It's going to be on the 19th June at Palm Square, Centre Point from 11am till 3pm. Do come and support ya'll! Oh god, we so need to win this time. COME COME COME! Convent will be representing Greece this year (: 

Attending Syiqin's Sweet 16 party tomorrow night, and.. uhm the choir performance for Malaysia Inovatif thingy in UMS on saturday. Busy buzz buzz~ I. need. a. break. Let's have kitkat! Hahahaha pffft. :p

off for now, happy holiday peeps. X

not now i guess. i'm not prepared


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