Saturday, February 27, 2010

My sanity is paper thin

shets. I haven't touch any other books except for Sejarah's.


what I did today
- woke up at 7.10am
- get ready for the career talk
- skipped breakfast
- went to Donggongon
- went to the wrong place instead, blame the map!
- arrived in some skim pinjaman whatsoever building
- listened to talks till 1pm
-  they gave us kfc for free (nyum)
- 1.30pm went to kolombong
still reading huh?
- met up with mom and sibs
- roamed around kolombong giant
- bought chocolate waffle (nyum)
- reloaded my credits
- had more roamings
- went back with dad seperately from mom & sibs
- took a nap
- woke up
- shower
- dinner

and here I am not doing my revision, but online.

yay? 100%.. doom. 

 randomly saying - a black cardigan, is all I need now.



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