Friday, February 19, 2010


Purut's CNY open house was good, I enjoyed the fireworks, love her huge residence and all.

but the fun didn't really continue after the first 3 hours hm? Thanks to you, for always screwing up everything. YES, ALWAYS.

Do you know that I got very fed up with you already?

Don't think I forgot bout what happened during my primary 6. I swear to you there's a whole lot more things that you had screwed up but that's the clearest memory so far bout how you being so pro of screwing up EVERYTHING.

What is wrong with you man? Are you sick or something? No, seriously. Are you?

Even mom doesn't know what's wrong with you. Even mom admitted that she's scared of your behaviour. Not only her, everyone okay? You are so weird. VERY WEIRD.

I hate your moodswings. I despise it. We despise it. EVERYBODY IN THIS HOUSE HATES IT, don't you know that?

When you're in good mood, it was like heaven. I love it so much. But when it goes to the other way round, it feels like HELL man. HELL!

I wish I can drive, I wish I have driving license. Sometimes, I just wish to be.. free. I wish for freedom. Sometimes, I wish I've finish my highschool and own my OWN house, money, car and everything so that I can do whatever I want without seeking you guys' permission. Sometimes, I feel like running away from this house. Sometimes.. I just wish to be.. like other girls. You get me? You get me kah?! UGH.

oh and sometimes, I just need to swear.

Dear mummy, sorry for the screaming and yelling through the phone just now. You know the situation also kan? We both just so f*cked up hm? Another reason for me to feel bad, sorry again. Love you.

And to friends (you guys know who you are), sorry for all the trouble just now, and thanks for everything. x

I just wish you could be more understanding, that's all.


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