Thursday, September 17, 2009

Smile even though it's breaking. Pfft that song. :P

it's finger lickin' good~

Having KFC for sungkai, yipee yay yay? Hmm fatsss. Darn I'm effin' hungry now, counting down; 1 more hours to go. HAH.

Tomorrow gonna be holiday! Syiok. But I just don't get it why, whatevs. As long as there is holiday, I'm greatful enough. Going back to LD the day after tomorrow, hmmmm. I think this year raya gonna be the same as previous years, no fun at all. Except for coming back KK to celebrate with friends, that's more like it.


morbid? maybe it's just me.

Cool song GD, dont fucking care what other think 'bout your song..:)


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