Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You have been thought that there is something wrong with you and that you are imperfect, but there isn't and you're not.

"Where there is love, there is pain"

I'd like to apologize for all the emo posts, status and whatsoever sayings that came from me. It's been tough. Real tough. Tougher than anything I could've imagine. Learnt alot from these couple of days, and seriously it sucks like hell. Can't concentrate on anything, even when I'm watching tv, taking my shower, sleep, having my sahur and sungkai, having lesson in class...tried to pretend everythings gonna be okay, tried to smile and laugh acting normal in front of others, but sorry to say I was senyum kambing-ing

Let's just let it out and be frank here. Started to feel guilty when there's a time you've been emo about something, i think it was about how nobita did the arrangement of our seats. It was at the main hall during recess, and i was at the koperasi hanging out, and was approaching you with "hey nerd :DDD" remember? haha. I don't think you remember that, then after that of course you said hey back but still with the sad face and looking at me weirdly. WEIRDLY, like it was not you. I'm not expert in describing it, but yeah weird. shivers.

I think I hang out with Landay too much and made you sad or should i say the J word? haha no bah. So from that moment onwards, i was afraid that u hates me and feeling guilty and was trying to keep a distance with landay...but i guess i failed? whatevs. And so, I thought I think too much and moving on with life UNTIL you post about the thing you accidentally read something that you should'nt have read..

Then I started wondering bout it and yeah i suspected something that i think it was about me and landay again? ngghh.. So i pretend everything's normallll. And kinda forgot bout all this guilt thing when we were hanging out HAPPILY on last Sunday. :) It was fun that night, I really enjoyed you guys' company. Was looking forward to go school the next day cause i was really in a good mood. And you know what made my day more on Monday? The moment you came to the main hall & hugged me. Only god knows how I felt that time. ♥

About the you think i hate you misunderstanding shit, if you really wanna know, it was Landay who told me about it. Sorry landay babe don't kill me after this. :x If it's about the conversation that you've read, I am very sorry. Whatever that was written there was not like what you think it was. Don't get it wrong babe. Sorry for making you feel pierced, maybe i just don't have enough patience. I know, who am I to stop you for being jealous right? The only thing I want you to know that they care and love you nerd, always be. Well so do I okay? There's nothing to be jealous when I'm with her cause' she will always be yours bah don't worry. :P Okay that was just a pure joke even if it's not funny. And I'm sorry for being suck at taking all those pics, don't be mad k? muackksss.

Everything's gonna be alright hopefully, don't worry. MAKMUR babe? YES YES. It's here, waiting for you to eat them. You'll get it tomorrow, I promise. ♥



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