Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Moody Monday

ahah ignore the title, i just don't have any M word to match with Monday.

well here's an update; MAK rehearsal was kinda tiring and sorry to say, i don't get any point of going to the Parish hall today. *sigh

Reached home straight away went into my bedroom and dozed off till 6pm without taking my lunch. Woooh 4 hours of 'nap', how great.

M.A.K this friday. umm what else you wanna know? oh i hate puting on makeups oh, but i like to help people makeup :) Maine they all did a good job on backdrops, i like 'cos vewy multicolours *thumbs up


I'm out of words man, seriously. Azu, akanku update pasal bakat, kem dan sebagainya pada masa yang akan datang. hahahah skema.

before i chaowz, HAPPY SWEET 16 TO RONG SHENG! :D have a great one buddy,
myt :'(

till then.

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